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December 3, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld Creates Chanel Métiers D’Art Pre-Fall 2009 Paris-Moscou Silent Film

Karl Lagerfeld directed a 10-minute silent film, documenting the early years of Gabrielle Chanel, to coincide with a showing of Chanel’s Paris-Moscow, a luxury pre-fall ready-to-wear collection.  The homage was fitting since her early years were heavily influenced by French men, and Russian men, alike.  The film was shot in 2 days and rather than use extras, Lagerfeld recruited actual workers from the atelier.  “I cannot take extras,” Karl stated. “They don’t know how to touch the clothes.”

The idea of a silent film is really new, even though the method itself is a bit antiquated.  In a time when we’re constantly bombarded with technology, it’s quite refreshing to sit back for a minute in silence and just watch.  “Today, people are ready for silent movies again, as they spend time — hours, I would say — looking at text messages and e-mails,” Karl stated. “I always loved silent movies.”  It seems like this is the year for Chanel on film, first Lifetime, now this, and next year the feature film.  I cannot wait to see this – I feel like with Karl directing this ship, it will be the most accurate, (and probably best looking), portrayal of Mlle. Chanel’s early life.  The show and mini-film will be shown tonight in Paris.

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