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January 8, 2009

V is for Vendetta: Chanel’s Newest Nail Obsession

Vendetta by Chanel
Vendetta by Chanel

Last month I wrote about the Chanel Paris-Moscou collection of nail color and I was confused how a royal color such as purple wasn’t included in a collection heavily influenced by the folklore and charm of Czarist Russia.  I went to a Chanel boutique a over the holiday break to pick up Or de Russe (“Russian Gold”) and I found my reason why:  Chanel DOES have a very regal purple as part of their Spring collection so I guess they didn’t want to double up.  It doesn’t matter to me what collection it’s a part of.  I’m just happy that Chanel’s newest shade, Vendetta, is here.  Vendetta is a gorgeous, deep violet with just the right amount of shimmer.  I normally don’t like shimmery nail polish and always opt for matte nail color, but Chanel always manages to give you just a touch of shimmer that’s the perfect amount.  And, what a great name!  This color is not for sissies!  You can purchaseVendetta at Chanel boutiqes and online here.

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