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October 12, 2011

Chanel Perfection Lumière Review

**GUEST POST** Written by Alexis Dayers and re-printed from M.I.S.S.

Truth be told, I am a new Chanel beauty customer – I have admired it from afar. I have bought a solo shadow here, a lipstick or Glossimer there and I owned the original Vamp polish back in 1994. But I always stayed away from the Chanel foundations because I just found them too light for my brown skin. I was a MAC girl, hello Studio Fix, for years but I would always have to take a break as the formula would either make my skin itch or I just felt that I needed more coverage.

I did come close once when I discovered the Teint Innocence Compact in Soft Honey, however it still didn’t have enough yellow pigment to suit my skin tone. It also made my forehead look ashy. This challenge made me learn how to warm up any foundations with a bronzer. Also I stopped applying foundation to my forehead and used bronzer along my hairline only. I didn’t want to give up as I really liked this formula – it was buildable and it didn’t make me breakout. So I tried the next darker color, Walnut and it was a bit too dark but perfect with my summer tan.

What was I to do come Winter? Once again I stopped using Chanel and discovered NARS Sheer Glow. I didn’t have any trouble finding a suitable color but the last time I used it, I felt it was too thick on my skin – it looked like a kabuki mask. Then, I went strictly to tinted moisturizers – Laura Mercier was my go-to. This is perfect for hot weather and days when I knew I was going to work out during my lunch hour and I didn’t have the time to reapply my foundation. Not only was I challenging myself to find a next to perfect skin match but I also wanted it to be comfortable enough to wear through a workout.

You can imagine my sheer giddiness when I heard from my regular Chanel Sales Associate at Nordstrom, Ms. M, that Chanel had planned to release a new formula that was going to carry a broader skin tone color spectrum!

Here it is:

Perfection Lumière

The beauty of this foundation is it’s patented* Chanel Perfect Light Control complex. This is new technology that combines two powders (one that is transparent and the other that is coated with mineral ceramic pigments) to give the complexion a second skin texture and hold. Skin looks clear and luminous from natural and opalescent pigments – this photographs beautifully. The texture is light weight and you can build upon it – almost like a super pigmented tinted moisturizer. It only contains an SPF 10, if you are sensitive to foundations with built in SPF in a higher amount. I use a separate (Aveeno with SPF 30) sunscreen before my primer.

After I apply a foundation primer on my face, I dispense a pump and a half on the top of my hand. I warm it up a bit with my fingers and apply, I don’t like using a foundation brush. It absorbs and settles quickly, it feels velvet smooth on my skin right before it finally sets. Again I avoid applying on my forehead and use a bronzer along my hairline.

The color Ms. M helped me select:

#44/Beige Ambre

I know it looks too yellow on my forearm but consider that the inside of my forearm is slightly lighter than my face.

Here it is on my mug:

Left picture is without flash and Right picture was taken with flash. My skin looks clear, natural and the best part – does not make me look ashy!

I am happy to report after wearing continuously for one week it hasn’t made me break out and has endured hot yoga studio sessions as well as intense lunch time Spin classes. Normally, the thought of foundation during a Spin class made me itch but this particular Chanel foundation is very breathable, despite not being an Oil-Free formula. The primer does help keep it intact on my face, so don’t forget to that important and often forgotten step.

I also wanted to mention the fragrance, in case you have any fragrance aversions, this has a heavy fragrance at first but does fade away rather quickly. Ms. M tells me that the scent consists of white peach and citrus over a delicate bouquet of jasmine with a base of white musk notes. I will say that this does smell lovely, it is very reminiscent of Chanel skincare I have tried in the past. Honestly, I’d be just as happy with this foundation if it were fragrance-free.

Another bonus that was a surprise – pump dispenser. Why do some companies charge for a separate dispenser? Don’t they know that all we want is bottle with a built in dispenser for easy distribution?

All I can tell you is to run to your nearest Chanel counter and get a sample. This was well worth my hard earned cash.

This was bought by yours truly at my local Nordstrom counter, $55/30ml, 1 oz

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  1. Hello. Thank you for your post. I have the same skin tone and just started using the Chanel Foundation #44. I love it. It is terrific – lasts all day. I am also using the new Chanel Brush. It is well worth the money. I find it hard to match our skin tone in other brands. YSL has a nice matt foundation #6 which matches really well. What other foundation colors do you use in other brands? I shop mostly on line and find it hard to match our skin tone. Thank you again – your skin looks great.

    Comment by sandi — October 12, 2011 @ 9:26 am

  2. Hi Sandi,
    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to write! Another good one is NARS Sheer Glow or Matte (depending on your skin type) – I recommend the shade Sycamore. Burberry is also fantastic, they go by numbers. I tried a sample in #9 and it is really good. I am thinking about going back for that one once I’m done with this bottle of Chanel. The Burberry, like the Perfection Lumiere, is light weight and you can build up the coverage.

    If you like tinted moisturizers try Laura Mercier’s, I loved the oil-free formula in Caramel.

    This makes me so pleased that I found a skin tone, twin!

    Comment by Alexis — October 12, 2011 @ 1:46 pm

  3. Another #44 here! Alexis, does warming up the foundation keep it from turning ashy somehow or does it make the foundation go on smoother? I also found that using a primer also helped the foundation last longer on my oily skin. It looks great on you in the photos – so natural!

    Sandi, Le Metier de Beaute Classic Flawless Finish Foundation #10, Jouer Luminizing Tint in Deep Bronze, and MAC NC 45 are good color matches for me.

    Comment by Ava — October 12, 2011 @ 6:40 pm

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