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January 3, 2012

CHANEL Ephemeral Boutique in Courchevel

CHANEL Ephemeral Boutique in Courchevel What’s better than skiing in the French Alps? Shopping at the Chanel Ephemeral Boutique après-ski in the heart of the Courchevel resort. The fashion house has selected a stripped-down, neutral space as its winter home, a blank canvas on which to project a new story of luxury: contemporary, authentic and elegant.

The entrance is dominated by four striking profiles of Mademoiselle Chanel in white ceramic, each towering over two metres high (which look similar to the ones at the Boon Ephemeral boutique). Inside, the proportions of the 180m² space are equally as arresting. Spanning 17 metres from the threshold to the far wall, the boutique extends along a narrow lengthwise perspective, accentuated by almost minimalist décor that nonetheless manages to steer clear of cold. The ambiance is warmed by the honeyed tones of sycamore flooring: a nod to the “Exclusifs de CHANEL” fragrance line.

The boutique basks in the contrasts of concrete, light boxes, black varnish, neutral hues and flashes of colour. The sheen of navy-blue panels on the walls calls to mind the aesthetic of Karl Lagerfeld’s 2011/12 Cruise collection, showcased here alongside the 2012 Spring- Summer collection. The volumes and depth of the space are enhanced by metal plating that wraps around the displays and traces a stark line along the entire length of the ceiling. A huge surprise is in store at the far end of the boutique: nestled at the adrenalin-fuelled base of the slopes, the premises afford majestic views over the entire Courchevel valley, flooded with the soft, warm glow of natural light.

Stepping over the threshold of the boutique, the visitor is effortlessly drawn into a space of unexpected levels displaying accessories from the collections along with an exceptional array of Fine Jewellery and Watchmaking pieces. Meanwhile, the Ready-to-Wear collection beckons from an island of matte-black corrugated metal. The nearby fitting rooms – hung with yellow to recall the palette of the 2011/12 Cruise collection, and iconic CHANEL burgundy – intrude in a cozy lounge installed with iPad® inviting the visitor to delve deeper into the world of CHANEL, explore the collections, watch fashion shows and read up on the latest Chanel News. Not much of a surprise there since we know Karl loves the iPad!CHANEL Ephemeral Boutique in Courchevel CHANEL Ephemeral Boutique in Courchevel CHANEL Ephemeral Boutique in Courchevel CHANEL Ephemeral Boutique in Courchevel CHANEL Ephemeral Boutique in Courchevel

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December 4, 2011

Chanel at Boontheshop Video

Last week I posted some images from the Chanel ephermal (pop-up) boutique at Boontheshop in Korea – Chanel now released a video of the boutique and opening party. I wish I could have been there!

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November 14, 2011

Chanel Ephemeral Boutique in Seoul, Korea

Chanel Ephemeral Boutique in Seoul KoreaChanel’s latest ephemeral boutique is housed at Boon, a concept shop in Korea.  Now through November 20, each floor of the shop will explore one of Chanel’s signature codes.  From Place Vendôme to Chanel’s apartment some of the floor are inspired by places close to Coco Chanel.  The quilted and chain room highlights accessories and craftsmanship while another room is made entirely of porcelain.  After you’ve checked out each floor you can visit the screening room to sit down and watch Karl Lagerfeld’s recent Chanel films.

This ephemeral shop sounds so beautiful I wish I could see it.  Are any of you from Seoul or will be in Seoul?  Please let me know if you check it out – would love to hear about it!


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November 13, 2011

Chanel Brisbane Limited Edition Bag Up Close

Chanel Brisbane Limited Edition BagLast week we mentioned that Chanel released a limited edition bag to commemorate the opening of its Brisbane store.  The Brisbane bag is made from “Pacific Ocean blue calfskin, taking inspiration from the city’s proximity to the ocean” and has a camellia on it.  It’s so lovely!  Have any of you ladies purchased the bag or visited the new boutique? If so, send in your pics!


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November 10, 2011

Chanel Links: 11.10.11

To commemorate the opening of the first Chanel boutique in Brisbane, Australia, Chanel has released a limited edition blue Brisbane bag.  Courier Mail

Chanel Brisbane Limited Edition PurseAn exhibition of Jean-Paul Goude’s work at Les Arts Décoratifs includes the Chanel Coco ad featuring Vanessa Paradis as a bird which he produced.

jean paul goude vanessa paradis chanel cocoKarl may think that Facebook is a “flawless object” but that doesn’t stop him from hoarding iPhones with his likeness on them.  Refinery 29

karl lagerfeld iphone

You can play dress up with real Chanel clothing – virtually that is.  Online game i-Dress Up now offers a closet of authentic Chanel apparel and accessories that you can “dress up” in.

i dress up online game courtesy of chanel

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October 13, 2011

Chanel Links: Week of 10.10.11

So much news, so little time! I’ll keep it brief, let’s get to it…

chanel news in italianFinalmente, our Italian Chanelphiles can now read Chanel News in Italian. Chanel News

chanel ginza tokyoCNN highlighted “fashion architecture” in a piece on architecture as an extension of the brand experience and the Chanel Ginza store in Tokyo designed by Peter Marino + Associates Architects was considered a standout example.

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen - Image Source Just Jared

According to the NY Times, Karl Lagerfeld photographed Elizabeth Olsen for a coffee table book.  No word about this project but here is what she said about working with Uncle Karl:  “The Chanel designer had been shooting her for a coffee table book, and the photo session had gone long. She modeled an oversize classic Chanel tweed jacket for him. “I didn’t get to keep it,” she said, laughing as she pointed to her own nondescript sweater and T-shirt.

karl lagerfeldKarl Lagerfeld can add “gallery booth designerto his resume – he’s designed Zurich’s Gmurzynska Gallery’s booth for the FIAC in Paris from October 20 to 23.  Hollywood Reporter

sofitel st james bar the balconLondon posh hotel Sofitel St. James renovated their brasserie and is unveiling The Balcon on October 17th.  The St. James bar in The Balcon is “inspired by the interiors of Coco Chanel’s 1920’s Paris apartment at 55 Rue Cambon and highlights will include vintage cocktails from antique recipe books. There will also be a Champagne Angel on hand to provide expert advice.”   Do you see the curved staircase and banister?  I’ll toast to that!  The Handbook

Here’s a Karlism for you – Karl Lagerfeld takes his time with the models he chooses to photograph. He stated: “I do a lot of portraits. I really take time to choose my models. I don’t think one should ever be a model guzzler.” ContactMusic

karl lagerfeld scarf
Just in time for winter, you can get a printed cashmere scarf with Karl Lagerfeld’s face on it. NY Mag – The Cut

Chanel ranked #15 on a British survey of the Top 20 “cool brands”. Huffington Post

Beau Dunn’s mom was a model and she has ridiculous vintage Chanel from the 80′s. I hate her. I’m not afraid to say it…

On a lighter note, check out the backstage behind-the-scenes of the recent Chanel Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear show…

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September 25, 2011

Retna Paints Chanel Robertson Boutique

retna paints chanel beverly hills

True to the spirit of Coco Chanel and her patronage of the arts, Chanel has commissioned Retna, an LA-based artist to paint the interior of the Los Angeles Chanel boutique on Robertson.   I’ve followed Retna‘s work since his AWR/7th Letter Crew days and it’s amazing to see how he’s come up from the streets of LA to working with one of the storied houses of haute couture.

Retna’s signature handstyle is distinctive and beautiful – evocative of many different scripts including of Old English gang graffiti, Asian calligraphy, Incan & Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hebrew and Arabic. I love the black on black writing with white Chanel iconography “tagged” over his own work.

Retna’s years of hard work are paying off.  Earlier this year I attended Retna’s first solo NY exhibition “The Hallelujah World Tour” (opening during New York Fashion Week) and he’ll be appearing in Vanity Fair later this year and photographed by David Lachapelle.

Source: New Image Art

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Chanel Pop-Up Shop at Harrods

harrods chanel pop up shopI wish that I could close my eyes and click my heels and be any place in the world because at any given time, there is some very cool Chanel happening in major metropolitan cities around the world. The latest? A pop-up shop at Harrods in London. I’m not in London so I can’t give you first-hand info but I have scoured the web and found some great coverage. Blogger extraordinaire Alex of Alex Loves had some great photos of the shop and the specialty products – many thanks to her for her great post. All photos below are from Alex Loves and you can see more great images and read more on Beauty and the Dirt and Style Bubble.

Unfortunately, the pop-up shop is now closed (I’ve been meaning to write this post for about 2 weeks now but a little something called New York Fashion Week got in the way) but it’s too good not to share.  If you were in London for Fashion Week (or just happen to live there or close enough to visit) I hope you were able to see this yourself.  I’d love to hear about your experience there!

Images:  All images from Alex Loves.

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September 8, 2011

Les Jeans de Chanel Debut at Fashion’s Night Out!

chanel fashions night out les jeans de chanel

I stopped by two of the Chanel boutiques tonight to check out the Fashion’s Night Out festivities – 57th Street and Soho.  I went to the 57th Street location first and there was a line out the door before 6 PM when the night officially kicked off.  Since I’ve had 3 manicures in 24 hours (manicures seem to be the blogger event du jour) I opted not to have my nails painted.  I did however buy the polishes and two more Illusions d’Ombre (because I LOVE them).  Afterward, my sister and I headed downtown to Soho and had dinner down the block from the Soho boutique.  The line at the Soho store was around the block and it was still very early in the evening.  I hope if you ventured out to one of the Chanel boutiques that you were able to get your nails painted.  Can’t wait until next year and the next set of limited edition colors!

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September 6, 2011

Chanel’s Fashion Night Out!

Sorry for the lack of posts I’m getting ready for my flight to NY for Fashion Week! To kick off fashion week, Fashion’s Night Out is a huge event that takes over Manhattan. To commemorate the occasion, Chanel is releasing Les Jeans de Chanel and having events at many of its boutiques. Check out the flyer below to see if a Chanel near you is hosting a FNO event. I’ll be at one of the Chanel boutiques in NYC – just not sure which one yet. Are any of you going??

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