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November 9, 2012

Chanel J12 Matte Black

chanel j12 matte black
Chanel recently released the J12 in Matte Black and I love it. It’s so elegant and I’m trying not to like it because I received a Chanel J12 Chromatic last year, but alas, the more I look at it, the more I love it.

chanel j12 matte black

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2013 Accessories Preview

chanel spring 2013 accessories

Some bloggers (ahem, not me :( ) were invited to see a preview of the Chanel Spring-Summer 2013 accessories in the Chanel showroom. I’ve selected my favorite pictures from each blog but invite you to take a look at the blogs to see all the photos.

chanel lego bag

I have to say that this is one of my favorite accessories collections to date. I already know that I want to save up for a red Chanel Boy Brick Bag (aka the LEGO bag) and a pearl bracelet. And you know I adore the glasses with a silhouette of Mlle. Chanel herself perched on top but I want that more as a collector and not as someone that would actually wear them. Note to all family and friends – please no gifts this upcoming birthday and Christmas – instead please make donations to my Chanel Spring 2013 accessories fund! xo

chanel lego bag

chanel pearl bracelets spring 2013

chanel demin boy bag

chanel coco chanel sunglasses with pearls

chanel spring 2013 clear cuff

chanel cage bag

chanel hula hoop bag

Images from Purse Blog and Grazia

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October 12, 2012

Chanel Fine Jewelry 1932 “Bijoux de Diamants” Anniversary Collection

Chanel 1932 Bijoux de Diamants Anniversary Collection

Photo from T Magazine

Earlier this week Chanel hosted a dinner to open the NYC exhibit of the 80th Anniversary of the Chanel 1932 Bijoux de Diamants. I’ve been searching online to see as many pieces as possible and though I haven’t found all eighty, I have found some dazzling pieces that are exquisite. Taking inspiration from the things that inspired Coco Chanel, the collection features the sun, comets, feathers, fringes and ribbons/knots. The jewelry is mesmerizing and I’ve been looking at it all day and can look at it for days to come. I also came across some great videos including one featuring actual footage of the 1932 collection. The voice over is in French but there are some great shots in there. Enjoy!

Chanel 1932 Bijoux de Diamants Anniversary Collection

Photo from Vogue France

Chanel 1932 Bijoux de Diamants Anniversary Collection

Photo from Refinery 29

Chanel 1932 Bijoux de Diamants Anniversary Collection

Chanel 1932 Bijoux de Diamants Anniversary Collection

Photo from Style

Chanel 1932 Bijoux de Diamants Anniversary Collection

Chanel 1932 Bijoux de Diamants Anniversary Collection

Photo from Refinery 29

1932, naissance de Chanel Joaillerie by VOGUEPARIS

Photo Sources
Beauty Daily
Refinery 29
Vogue France
T Magazine

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October 10, 2012

Chanel “Bijoux de Diamants” 80th Anniversary NYC Dinner

CHANEL FINE JEWELRY celebrates its 80th anniversary of the “Bijoux de Diamants” collection created by Gabrielle Chanel

Nora Zehetner

Last night Chanel celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the “ Bijoux de Diamants” collection, originally created by Gabrielle Chanel in 1932 with the presentation of 80 new High-Jewelry pieces at a dinner reception in NYC. The guests included Michael Avedon, Jen Brill, Rose Byrne, Alexa Chung, Prince Pierre d’Arenberg, Linda Evangelista, Blake Lively, Anh Duong, Elle Fanning, Frederic Fekkai, Diane Kruger, Leigh Lezark, Nemo Librizzi, Caroline Sieber, Mario Sorrenti & Mary Frey and Lindsey Wixson.

Entitled “1932”, this exceptional collection clearly displays the full scope of the creativity and know-how of High Jewelry at CHANEL. These 80 pieces draw their inspiration from motifs and symbols that colored Mademoiselle Chanel’s imagination. Their magical constellations of white, yellow and black diamonds, blue and pink sapphires and pearls project us into the very heart of a cosmic fantasy within a dream-like and timeless universe.

Comets, stars, suns, fringes, fountains, ribbons and feathers all form the stylistic vocabulary of CHANEL FINE JEWELRY. Today, there’s a new addition, the lion – that great protector – Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite animal and her star sign Leo – she was born on August 19th.

Inspired and visionary, in the same manner as the original “Bijoux de Diamants” collection created 80 years ago, these new jewelry pieces strongly express the unique creative spirit that characterizes High Jewelry at CHANEL. The excellence and mastery of technique that each piece demands, enables CHANEL FINE JEWELRY to advance and push forward its taste for perfection and ultimate luxury.

Photos by Will Ragozzino and Joe Schildhorn courtesy of Chanel. CHANEL FINE JEWELRY celebrates its 80th anniversary of the “Bijoux de Diamants” collection created by Gabrielle Chanel. Everyone is wearing Chanel Fine Jewelry.

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October 4, 2012

Chanel Spring-Summer 2013 Ready-to-Wear Accessories

Chanel Spring-Summer 2013 Ready-to-Wear Details

You’d think after almost thirty years at Chanel that we’ve seen all of Karl Lagerfeld’s tricks yet each season he amazes me. Like the apparel, Karl stepped away from signature Chanel pieces like cuffs and quilted 2.55 purses. Instead we saw enlarged pearls either along in a bracelet or in clusters around the wrists and necks of the models. Many of the purses were angular and some even looked like Lego’s (in shape and color). The spectacular piece that has the internet going nuts is the hula hoop beach bag – very practical in its impracticality. Karl explained in an interview that you can stand the bag in the sand and hang things over the top to dry. But while everyone has been eyeing that bag, I’ve been eyeing the sunglasses the model was wearing with that bag. On top of the left lense of the sunglasses is a mini Coco figure. How fun! I cannot wait to see these glasses in person they are amazing! See more details below…

Images from Style.com

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September 25, 2012

Chanel Fall-Winter 2012/13 Accessories

Chanel Fall-Winter 2012/13 Accessories
Yesterday we got a closer look at the Chanel Fall-Winter 2012/13 Pre-Collection accessories. Today, we see the Chanel Fall-Winter 2012/13 set against the backdrop of crystals. I’m already missing summer but looking at these lovely winter accessories is making the thought of cold weather a bit easier to bear.

Please click on the first image to see all of the images larger and in a slideshow.

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September 24, 2012

Chanel Fall-Winter 2012/13 Pre-Collection

Chanel Fall-Winter 2012/13 Pre-Collection
Though we get to see the lovely Chanel accessories on runway photos I love seeing the close-up photos that Chanel posts online. Take a look at the gorgeous accessories in store now as part of the Chanel Fall-Winter 2012/13 Pre-Collection…

Please click on the first image to see all of the images larger and in a slideshow.

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September 19, 2012

Chanel Links: August & September 2012

chanel links

Chanel Links!

I’ve been out of town most of the past month traveling for my other site MISS so I apologize for the sporadic posting. Of course, the Chanel news does not stop so here are the best tidbits of Chanel-related info from the past few weeks…

Top Coco Chanel quotes on The Smithsonian.com

chanel mini backpacks

It’s official, the 90′s are back – and the mini-backpacks are here to prove it! Another Mag

justine picardie

My favorite Coco Chanel biographer, Justine Picardie was named Harper’s Bazaar U.K.’s new editor-in-chief. WWD

chanel the little black jacket exhibitPhoto by Frederic David courtesy of Chanel

“The Little Black Jacket: CHANEL’s classic revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld” is heading to London and will run from October 12-28 at the Saatchi Gallery. Artinfo

tokyo chanel camellia karl lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld took some great Chanel camellia photos in Tokyo for i-D Magazine.

A South Korean bar dubbed the “Chanel Business Bar” was ordered to pay Chanel damages for infringing on the Chanel Trademark. Telegraph

chanel 1932 fine jewelry dazed digital

Dazed Digital posted an exclusive shoot featuring the Chanel 1932 Fine Jewelry Collection. Dazed.

lady gaga chanel

Photos by Terry Richardson

Lady Gaga dressed as a black bird and posed in front of Chanel. MTV Style

vanessa paradis chanel jalouse

Vanessa Paradis wears Chanel and Maison Michel on the cover of Jalouse. Coco’s Tea Party

elizabeth olsen bullet

Elizabeth Olsen dons pink hair and Chanel for a Bullett photoshoot. Bullet.

coco chanel as a simpson

Earlier this year, our favorite fashion satirist AleXsandro Palombo illustrated Karl Lagerfeld as a Simpson. He now updates his illustrations with Coco Chanel as a Simpson. Humor Chic

gwen stefani chanel

Gwen Stefani used her Chanel Coco Cocoon bag to run errands. Daily Mail

The Luxury Institute conducted a survey and found that Chanel ranked hightest among women on the Luxury Brand Status Index and was the “leading brand for delivering the best customer experience, and the one most deserving of charging premium prices.” Fashion Broadway World

keira knightley chanel couture vogue cover

Keira Knightley is wearing a look from the Chanel Haute Couture “New Vintage” fall-winter 2012/13 collection on the cover of the October 2012 issue of Vogue.

chanel punk

Chanel will be one of the brands featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute’s spring 2013 exhibition “Punk: Chaos to Couture”. Telegraph

Alexander Khokhlov chanel face illustration

Alexander Khokhlov, a photographer from Moscow took beautiful black & white photos of a model with her face painted with cultural icons – Chanel included. Fubiz

chanel world tricot

In December 2009, I posted about a case brought by World Tricot against Chanel being thrown out of court. The appeals court “fined Chanel 200,000 euros in damages for stealing a design from a local knitwear supplier, overturning a 2009 ruling clearing the fashion house.” Chanel maintains that there was no copying but rather a misunderstanding. AFP

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September 4, 2012

Chanel J12 White Video

chanel j12 white
Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? That’s an old rule that doesn’t have any place in our society these days. There’s nothing more lovely than winter whites and nothing exemplifies this better than the lovely Chanel J12 in white.

As one of the 21st century’s iconic timepieces, the J12 watch has transformed ceramic into a precious material. Created in 2003, the J12 White has become a new standard, revolutionizing the rules of watchmaking. The unique sparkle of the pristine pure white ceramic lends a remarkable magic to the J12 watch.

Seeing this video is making me question my choice of getting the J12 Chromatic! Learn more on the ” title=”chanel j12 white website” target=”_blank”>Chanel J12 White website.

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August 15, 2012

Coco Chanel Capsule Collection – Vintage Jewelry Sale on 1st Dibs

1st Dibs Chanel Vintage Coco Chanel Birthday Sale
Douglas Rosin presents a Coco Chanel capsule collection of vintage jewelry for sale on 1stDibs to commemorate the eve of Coco Chanel’s 129th birthday on Sunday. I gave you a preview of the 1stDibs Chanel birthday sale yesterday but I’ve taken screenshots of the entire sale and editorial they put together. It’s informative, gorgeous and so inspiring. I love seeing earlier creations because I feel like they give us a glimpse into who Coco Chanel was. One piece is more gorgeous than the next – I love the excess of it all. It’s obvious why Coco Chanel is responsible for making costume jewelry popular. Enjoy, and hopefully you might even be able to buy something!

Visit and shop the Douglas Rosin Vintage Chanel sale on 1st Dibs.

Click on the first image below to see the images larger and in a slideshow…

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