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November 9, 2012

Chanel Cruise 2012-13 Ad Campaign With Cara & Saskia

chanel cruise 2012 2013 ad campaign cara delevingne

Images of the Chanel Cruise 2012/13 ad campaign have surfaced and they bring to life the 18th century style re-imagined by Karl Lagerfeld as we saw earlier this year from his presentation in the gardens of Versailles. The campaign was shot by Karl Lagerfeld and features Saskia de Brauw and Cara Delevingne and the gilded backdrop, apparel and accessories bring to mind the decadence of Marie Antoinette.

chanel cruise 2012 2013 ad campaign cara delevingne

chanel cruise 2012 2013 ad campaign saskia de brauw

chanel cruise 2012 2013 ad campaign saskia de brauw

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Chanel J12 Matte Black

chanel j12 matte black
Chanel recently released the J12 in Matte Black and I love it. It’s so elegant and I’m trying not to like it because I received a Chanel J12 Chromatic last year, but alas, the more I look at it, the more I love it.

chanel j12 matte black

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2013 Accessories Preview

chanel spring 2013 accessories

Some bloggers (ahem, not me :( ) were invited to see a preview of the Chanel Spring-Summer 2013 accessories in the Chanel showroom. I’ve selected my favorite pictures from each blog but invite you to take a look at the blogs to see all the photos.

chanel lego bag

I have to say that this is one of my favorite accessories collections to date. I already know that I want to save up for a red Chanel Boy Brick Bag (aka the LEGO bag) and a pearl bracelet. And you know I adore the glasses with a silhouette of Mlle. Chanel herself perched on top but I want that more as a collector and not as someone that would actually wear them. Note to all family and friends – please no gifts this upcoming birthday and Christmas – instead please make donations to my Chanel Spring 2013 accessories fund! xo

chanel lego bag

chanel pearl bracelets spring 2013

chanel demin boy bag

chanel coco chanel sunglasses with pearls

chanel spring 2013 clear cuff

chanel cage bag

chanel hula hoop bag

Images from Purse Blog and Grazia

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Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket Paris Exhibition VIPs

Chanel's The Little Black Jacket Carine Roitfeld

As Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket exhibition makes its way around the world, a host of Chanel VIPs attend the opening of the exhibit before the show opens to the public. Being that the exhibit is now in Chanel’s home turf – Paris – there was a huge turn out of Chanel VIPs. Take a look at who attended and below is a list of what they were wearing.

All photos by Olivier Borde

Anna MOUGLALIS wore a navy black and blue tweed jacket worn over a sleeveless and low waist dress from the Haute-Couture Spring/Summer 2012 Collection with CHANEL shoes. She was carrying a CHANEL clutch.
CHANEL Fine Jewelry: “Franges Swing” necklace from the “1932″ anniversary collection, in 18K white gold and diamonds.

MAIWENN wore a blue jacket from the Fall/Winter RTW 2012/13 Collection with a black CHANEL jacket and CHANEL boots.

Astrid BERGES-FRISBEY wore a black sequined jacket with a short pink tweed skirt from the Cruise Versailles Collection with CHANEL shoes. CHANEL Fine Jewelry: “Eventail” bracelet in 18K white gold and black and white diamonds, and a “Première” watch in steel and black leather.

Laetitia CASTA wore a short navy dress with feather details from the Haute-Couture Fall/Winter 2011/12 Collection.

Charlotte CASIRAGHI wore a black tweed CHANEL skirt suit with CHANEL boots.

Carine ROITFELD wore a black and white CHANEL knitted cardigan.

Theophilus LONDON wore a black tweed CHANEL jacket.

Ana GIRARDOT wore a short pink embroidered dress from the Cruise Versailles Collection with CHANEL shoes. She was carrying a CHANEL clutch.

Caroline DE MAIGRET wore a black tweed CHANEL jacket with a CHANEL necklace and CHANEL shoes.

Yi ZHOU wore a black and white dress from the Act 1 Spring/Summer 2013 Collection with CHANEL boots. She was carrying a yellow CHANEL Boy bag.

Sigrid AGREN wore a black CHANEL jumpsuit from the Fall/Winter RTW 2012/13 Collection and CHANEL necklaces. She was carrying a CHANEL bag.

Lily MCMENAMY wore a long black lace dress from the Act 1 Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

Joséphine DE LA BAUME wore a black CHANEL jacket.

Aymeline VALADE wore a black CHANEL shirt with a long black CHANEL skirt with CHANEL shoes.

Anja RUBIK wore a purple CHANEL jumpsuit with a black CHANEL Haute-Couture top and a black CHANEL leather vest. She was wearing a CHANEL necklace and was carrying a CHANEL bag.

Aya ABU KHADRA wore a black CHANEL dress with a black glittery CHANEL jacket and CHANEL shoes. She was carrying a CHANEL Boy bag.

Sama ABU KHADRA wore a black CHANEL jacket with a CHANEL necklace. She was carrying a CHANEL clutch.

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Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket in Paris

Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket is opening in Paris on November 10th, 2012.

La Petite Veste Noire
Grand Palais, Galerie Courbe
Entrance Rotonde Alexandre III
Corner Avenue Winston Churchill
Cours la Reine
75008 Paris

10.00 AM – 8.00PM from November 10th to November 25th 2012
Free admission


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November 8, 2012

Chanel’s Upcoming Show Locations: Deauville Resort 2013-14 and Scotland Pre-Fall 2013

Coco Chanel Deauville

Coco Chanel and her aunt Adrienne in front of her boutique in Deauville, 1913. Image from “Chanel, A Woman Of Her Own” by Axel Madsen.

In 1913, Chanel opened her boutique in the French resort town of Deauville. To commemorate the 100th anniversary, Chanel will host the upcoming Chanel Resort 2014 collection in Deauville. Karl Lagerfeld told WWD: “My idea is to hire a train, have dinner on the train, do the show in a ballroom and go back at night,” he said. (WWD) What a wonderful way to commemorate the anniversary!

Coco Chanel Deauville

Coco Chanel in front of her boutique in Deauville, 1913. Image from “Coco Chanel, The Legend and the Life” by Justine Picardie, p.68.

Coco Chanel Deauville

Coco Chanel in front of her boutique in Deauville, 1913. Image from “Coco Chanel, The Legend and the Life” by Justine Picardie, p.68.

Chanel has also announced that the next Métiers d’Art show will take place in December at a secret location in Edinburgh, Scotland. (Vogue UK) A few months ago I wrote about how Rosehall, an estate that Coco Chanel shared with the Duke of Westminster that was being converted into a hotel. When I first heard that the Métiers d’Art show was taking place in Scotland my first thought was that it would take place at Rosehall. Alas, the show is taking place in Edinburgh and I can only imagine that it’s because Rosehall is in the countryside in Northern Scotland. I would be surprised though if having the show in Scotland was not influenced at all by the time she spent there with the Duke of Westminster.

coco chanel duke of westminster scotland

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Bruno Pavlovsky – Chanel President of Fashion – Interview on CNN

Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Fashion at Chanel is interviewed below by CNN. Here him speak about exclusivity, new markets and the benefit of being a private company.

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November 6, 2012

Les Expressions de Chanel & Le Volume de Chanel


One new collection for holiday and a new mascara from Chanel are available now at Chanel makeup counters. I’m going to get my Illusion d’Ombre in Vision (gold) today – I’ve been waiting all year for it to come out!


Elegance is elevated to the extreme with new LE VOLUME DE CHANEL Mascara, a high-precision mascara that achieves instant volume with intense colour. In a single stroke, its innovative formula expands and plumps lashes to their fullest. Carbon black pigments deliver lush colour that adheres to lashes, while Camelia Oil nourishes, protects and moisturizes. New Chanel exclusive ‘Snowflakes’ brush articulates each lash; long bristles evenly coat lashes while small soft bristles separate and build volume, creating an eye-opening effect. The result: A modern lash look for drama that makes a bold yet elegant statement.


Eyes speak volumes with elegant eyeshadow harmonies that accentuate the dramatic new lash look of LE VOLUME DE CHANEL Mascara.

The essential eyeshadow compact with countless options, LES 4 OMBRES Quadra Eye Shadow introduces new shade harmonies with complementary colour. The intense shimmer of ILLUSION D’OMBRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow debuts dramatic new hues, to highlight eyes with beautiful contrast and bold glow.

New LIGNE GRAPHIQUE DE CHANEL Liquid Eyeliner Intensity – Definition delivers precise lining and definition with extreme shine. The liquid liner formula features innovative polymers for deep colour and long-lasting wear. Delicate bristle design lets you flawlessly draw dramatic definition. In a range of three intense shades.

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November 2, 2012

Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket: Sydney Recap and Paris Preview

Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket exhibition is making it’s way around the world – it recently showed in Sydney, Australia and is en route to Paris opening on November 10th at the Grand Palais. Check out the Sydney recap video and the Paris preview videos below.

Have a great weekend!

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October 31, 2012

Good Taste, Great Style – Fall-Winter 2012/13 Trends

chanel fall 2012

Photo by Olivier Saillant for Chanel

I am not a fan of cold weather. If it were possible for me to live in a place that had the city feel of New York and the climate of Hawaii, that would be the place for me. But alas, I’m in the Bay Area which is much warmer than New York (thank goodness!) but not quite Kauai.

That doesn’t mean I hate fall and winter completely. Some of my favorite holidays occur during the winter months – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Aside from holidays, my favorite part about fall/winter is shopping for new clothes. There’s something about shopping for fall and winter clothing that makes me giddy – and it reminds me of the excitement I had when I was younger and starting a new school year (I was a nerd and loved school!).

Every fall I take stock of what I have in my closet to see what I can keep and then I look at the trends to see if there’s anything that I want to add. I try to narrow down on particular pieces to complete the overall look of what I have. Since you and I probably have different wardrobe needs, I’ve picked my top 5 fall/winter trends to add to your shopping list.

Top 5 Trends of Fall-Winter 2012/13

chanel fall 2012

1. Black Is The New Black
I would say about 85% of my wardrobe is black so this is not so much of a big deal for me but if you are usually in color, be advised that this winter would be the time to wear black – the absence of all color. I think everything looks better in black and fortunately, it’s never hard to find something black to love in a Chanel collection.

chanel fall 2012

2. Ankle-length Skinny Pants
I love this length and I think it works best with a slimmer cut pant. I felt validated when I saw this on the runway because I’ve been hemming my pants at this length lately. This lenght looks equally chic with a flat or a heel – and even a sneaker for casual days.

chanel fall 2012

3. Volumnious Coats
While the rest of your look is sleek, a good way to offset it is by pairing your slim outfit with a voluminous, oversize coat. Big coats are always so much warmer and more weather appropriate. And think of all the extra pocket space to stow away your hat, gloves and scarf on those really cold days!

chanel fall 2012

4. Statement Accessories and Jewelry
When the look is so sleek and minimalistic – especially when dressed in black – you’ll want to jazz up your look with some statement accessories, especially jewelry. Dramatic pieces are a great way to dress up an otherwise minimalist ensemble and give you versatility in creating different outfits.

chanel fall 2012

5. Lace/Sheer
Though different, I grouped lace and sheer together because often where you have one, you also have the other. Lace and sheer panels are huge for fall – especially when paired with leather. The ultra-feminine look can be seductive and chic. Just choose the color of lace wisely (black is best – see #1) and be sure to pair it with something toned-down. There’s a fine line between street chic and street walker.

If you get just one item in each category, it will be enough to get you through the season on trend. Stay warm and stylish!

Yoplait® Original is proof that classic is always a good choice. We have more than 20 flavors that burst with the delicious, flavorful creaminess that isn’t just good, it is SO good, especially now that it’s made with natural colors, flavors and sweeteners. What can be more than SO good? The fact that Yoplait® Light is made in more than 20 flavors that contain 90 calories and 2 Weight Watchers® PointsPlus® value each. But the best part is the inspiration these fun flavors can be when it comes to fashion – how about a Key Lime Pie clutch or a little black forest cake dress. We believe the best fashion statements come from flavor inspiration. What flavor inspires you? Try a new one today and use it to plan your outfit tomorrow.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by General Mills via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of General Mills.

All images except as noted from Style.com.

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