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May 19, 2011

Karolina Kurkova and Uma Thurman in Chanel Haute Couture at the 2011 amfAR Gala

karolina kurkova and uma thurman in chanel haute couture 2011 amfar gala
Uma Thurman and Karolina Kurkova wore Chanel Haute Couture to the 2011 amfAR Gala. Both dresses are lovely yet very different. Kurkova’s white mini dress is extravagantly adorned with strands of pearls giving it a look of opulence.  Thurman’s grey gown was a sleek, simple mermaid gown with flowers along the neckline.  Both dresses are gorgeous but I really love the simplicity and color of Thurman’s gown.  What do you think?


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Chanel Rouge Coco Shine “Royallieu” Available Exclusively Online

A few days ago Chanel released a new Rouge Coco Shine shade named Royallieu and it is available exclusively on Chanel.com.  The soft pink shade is named after Chateau de Royallieu, Étienne Balsan’s estate where Coco Chanel stayed with him as his lover.  Her stay at Chateau de Royallieu was her introduction to society and she began making hats during her stay there.  She also met the love of her life, Boy Capel at Chateau de Royallieu.  With so many romantic connotations, it’s the perfect color to wear to get ready for some summer lovin’.  Rouge Coco Shine Royallieu retails for $32 and is available only online at Chanel.com.

chanel royallieu peter philips

Image Source

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Chanel Fall 2011 Handbags

chanel fall 2011 handbags

While I was reading online I came across a sneak peek of the some of the Chanel Fall 2011 Handbag collection. The 2.55 bag is done up in python fabrication with embroidery that gives it the look of decomposing – fitting since the collection looked a bit post-apocolyptic. I like the simplicity of the new style of bag featured – simple leather, big gold clasp and heavy Chanel chain. My favorite of the bunch is the black round quilted purse with camellia on it – so pretty and feminine. It’s a bag that is so classic you could wear it from season to season. What do you think? What’s your favorite bag?

Source: Purse Blog

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May 18, 2011

Chanel Cruise 2011/12 – Interview with Karl Lagerfeld, Clemence Poesy & Blake Lively

After the Chanel Cruise 2011/12 Karl Lagerfeld, Clemence Poesy and Blake Lively sat down to talk about the collections – here’s what they had to say…

And here’s a behind the scene’s look at the show…

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May 17, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld to Show His Photographs at amfAR Gala in Cannes

Carine Roitfeld photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Visionaire #60 Carine Roitfeld photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Visionaire #60

It seems like Karl Lagerfeld is quite comfortable at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. Last week he showed Chanel’s Cruise 2011/12 collection at the Cap d’Antibes and on Thursday, he will be showing a selection of his photographic works at the amfAR Gala. The selection was curated by Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld and the many fancy celebrities including Mick Jagger, Uma Thurman and Kanye West will be in attendance. I hope images from the Gala surface online – I’d love to see which of his photographs will be shown.

Source: WWD

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Chanel Fall 2011 Nail Polish Sneak Peek: Graphite, Quartz & Peridot

chanel fall 2011 nail polish graphite, peridot, quartz

We learned back in March that one of the Chanel Nail Colours was called Graphite.  Our favorite luxury nail artist, Sophy Robson, received a set of Chanel’s Fall 2011 nail colours and she was nice enough to give us a sneak peek of all the new shades!  The colors, Graphite, Quartz & Peridot are all very pearly and as the names indicate, shine like the minerals they are named after.  I suppose its fitting considering the Fall 2011 collection was set amidst black smoking rocks.

The colors look nice but I’ve always favored flat color to pearly shades (with the exception of Black Pearl because well, it’s supposed to look like pearl!) Le Vernis will be in stores in July.  What do you think of the colors? Will you get them?  Which is your favorite?

Source: Sophy Robson

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“The Secrets of the Handbag” in Los Angeles

making of the chanel 2.55 bagLast weekend The Secrets of the Handbag exhibit made a brief stop in Los Angeles.  I was busy celebrating my Tiny Dancer’s first birthday so I apologize for posting this late. I thought you may still want to see the beautiful images of the process and hear about “the secrets: of the Chanel 2.55 handbag as stated in the Chanel press release via Trendland…

People often ask why CHANEL accessories never seem to age. It is because, having been influenced by the men in her life and even more by her own experience, Mademoiselle Chanel designed them to be practical and, except for a few decorative trimmings, always sensible. Above all, she was her own model: she imagined them, then wore them and finally added the finishing touches. Each detail was there for a reason. She endowed them with perfection and made them the emblem of luxury and elegance.

More than half a century later, still carrying the magic of a great myth, CHANEL accessories remain the symbol of modernity and good taste. This is due to Karl Lagerfeld’s talent. When he took over the famous inheritance of the rue Cambon in 1983, he adopted Goethe’s famous phrase as his motto: “Create a better future from the widened elements of the past,” and endeavored, without ever destroying anything, to change everything nonetheless.

In 1929 Mademoiselle Chanel was the first to introduce an elegant version of the shoulder bag. It did already exist, in the form of a large pouch with a wide strap, but was only used by members of the military on campaign. Women discovered, to their delight, that by using a thin strap they could walk around with their hands free. A new fashion was born. From then on, Mademoiselle Chanel constantly used this idea, until she eventually created the bag commonly known as the “2.55” (which is in fact its “date of birth”) in February 1955.

In leather for day, in silk or jersey for evening, the 2.55 is a “chef d’oeuvre” of refinement and perfection. First and foremost she wanted it to be functional, so she gave it a double flap which has a zip-fastened pocket inside it – a secret place for storing a love letter or blank notes. The three bellow pockets inside the bag and particularly the tube pocket for lipstick are equally useful.

To give it volume and shape – “it has to have body” she insisted – it was quilted in a diamond shaped pattern, using plain stitch, while on the garnet colored lining (the color of the uniform she wore in the orphanage) a double C is stitched like a coat of arms. Lastly, like an artists finishing touch, the rectangular clasp is gilted with gold, and the famous leather and chain shoulder strap slips easily through golden eyelets. Only details, perhaps, but nobody else had ever thought of the them. From then on the 2.55 became an integral part of the legend of CHANEL. Today it is considered a classic amongst leather goods: It is one of the accessories that every elegant woman must own.

Launched into orbit by Mademoiselle Chanel, the famous bag, a mythical object par excellence, has not, as yet, finished its trajectory. Today it is propelled into the contemporary world by Karl Lagerfeld. He adorns it with all the colors of the rainbow, dressing it from season to season in denim, tweed, velvet, sequins or raffia, and as if by the stroke of a magic wand, it is transformed into a giant or a Lilliputian. Or, in a practical frame of mind, fulfilling the demands of a new generation of women, he metamorphosises it, with gentle wit, into a rucksack, banana bag or vanity case.

Constantly inspired by contemporary trends, Karl Lagerfeld has, with a touch of irreverence, turned this legendary bag into the ultimate modern accessory. Even if the clasp still has a double “C” (gold plated, 3 microns), the chain and leather strap is sometimes replaced by one in stitched lambskin, the quilting patterns become more fanciful, herringbones or honeycombs, the CHANEL bag still remains faithful to its style and that “something” which makes it recognizable among all the others. The care taken over the quality of the leather and the finishing touches is just as important for Karl Lagerfeld today as it was in the time of the great Mademoiselle. The manufacture of the bag, with its 180 essential operations, still requires a level of precision and craftsmanship which is jealously guarded.

1955-2002…Mademoiselle Chanel once confided to Paul Morand: “Tired of carrying my bag in my hand and losing it, I added a strap and wore it as a shoulder bag”, must be satisfied. She may be intrigued, but also confident to see that her tradition is constantly renewed. Karl Lagerfeld can certainly prove that he still has more than one cat to let out of his bag!

Source: Trendland, “Chanel: The Making of the 2.55″ by Cyril Foiret

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May 16, 2011

Uma Thurman in Chanel Couture at Cannes

uma thurman in chanel at the cannes film festival

Uma Thurman is a juror at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and she’s worn one gorgeous gown after another.  Her prettiest yet (ok, so I’m biased) is a white Chanel Couture gown she wore to the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean On Strangers Tides.   She looks lovely in this gown – .  What do you think?

uma thurman in chanel at the cannes film festival



karolina kurkova in chanel at cannes

Karolina Kurkova also wore Chanel to the Pirates of the Caribbean On Strangers Tides premiere.  Her dress was short and black – quite the opposite of Uma’s gown – but still quite lovely!


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American Express Travel’s Nextpedition Initiative: What’s Your Travel Sign?

american express travel nextpeditionAmerican Express Travel’s Nextpedition Initiative is a program that provides custom-designed trips for the next generation of travelers. I was invited by American Express to participate in the “Travel Profiler” interactive quiz to find out my travel sign. After answering a series of fifteen questions, I confirmed what I already knew – I’m a “Poshaholic” or in other words – I like fancy things. Here’s how American Express defines a “Poshaholic”… american express travel nextpeditionBased on your travel sign, American Express Travel then plans trips for you based on your preferences and budget… When I travel, I love to see and learn new things.  Experiencing new cultures is one of my favorite aspects of travel – new languages, sights, smells and food – I love to try it all.  If I were a rich girl, based on my travel sign of Poshaholic, I would go to Istanbul, Turkey.  I’ve wanted to go to Istanbul since I took an Art History class in college.  When I saw the beautiful architecture of the Hagia Sophia – a basilica turned mosque turned museum – I knew that I had to see it with my own eyes one day. Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul Istanbul has a nice mix of a rich cultural history and luxurious living.  Any dream vacation would have to be extravagant – a mini escape from everyday life.  That is why I would stay at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul, a luxurious hotel built on the same site as an historic palace.  I would definitely spend some quality time at the hotel’s spa and pool.  All my time wouldn’t be spent at the hotel though – I’d visit the historic sites, the Grand Bazaar and the beaches.  And the trip wouldn’t be complete without Chanel shopping trips (remember, it’s a dream vacation!). chanel store locations in istanbul turkey What is your travel sign? Visit the American Express Travel Facebook page to take the Travel Profiler Quiz and find out!

About American Express Travel NEXTPEDITION: American Express Travel announces NEXTPEDITION℠, a new way to travel targeted to travel enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s. Through NEXTPEDITION, American Express Travel offers consumers the exciting opportunity to take a vacation where the destination and itinerary are unknown until the actual journey begins and is revealed day by day via a customized Smartphone. The “mystery trip” is customized to reflect the traveler’s personality traits, providing an opportunity for him or her to explore the world in an unexpected and intuitive way. www.nextpedition.com

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by NEXTPEDITION from American Express Travel via Glam Media.

The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of NEXTPEDITION from American Express Travel.

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May 15, 2011

Chanel Is One of the World’s Most Powerful Luxury Brands

Millward Brown Optimor released its annual report on the 100 most valuable brands in the world. In the list of top ten luxury brands, Chanel ranked as number four. The report noted: “Brands that protected their exclusivity – such as Chanel, Hermès, or Cartier – were better insulated from the recession than more accessible luxury brands.”

Fashionista interviewed Millward Brown vice president, Pierre Dupreelle, and his colleague Daniella Segal and this is what they had to say about Chanel:

This year’s ranking: 4
Last year’s ranking: 4
Overall Brand Value: Up 23% to $6.823 billion
Dupreelle thought this was one of the most interesting stories of the year. After an 11% decrease in value last year, Chanel came roaring back. While they were one of the last online hold-outs, when Chanel did take it digital they set the bar high for luxury brands in the future. They are very careful about how they sell (you won’t find a Chanel bag online), and have managed to keep the exclusivity of the brand intact while having a strong digital platform.

The report also noted that customers felt like they were buying into the exclusivity of the brand by purchasing aspirational products such as lipstick or sunglasses – I told you so!  Though the luxury market grew 19% it still has not yet achieved pre-recession levels – though it is getting close.

Download the full report here.

Source: Fashionista

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