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November 27, 2011

Chanel Camélia Brodé – Le Film

I love Chanel Fine Jewelry – especially the pieces inspired by Coco Chanel’s favorite flower, the camellia. Chanel has dreamt up a sparkling, ethereal floral design that is a delicate embroidery of diamonds with gold that dresses the skin in a precious lace. Check out the video for the Chanel Fine Jewelry Camélia Brodé collection below…

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October 31, 2011

Chanel Christmas 2011 Accessories Collection

Chanel Christmas 2011 Accessories CollectionI just came across some images of the Chanel Christmas 2011 Accessories collection and I’d be happy to find any of these items in my Christmas stocking or under the tree.  The collection features leather goods in a lavender leather, accessories in a muted color palette of lavender, grey and ivory and items in signature black and white. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I’m partial to anything with pearls or in black  – Santa, I hope you’re listening!  The collection will be in stores in December so start saving your pretty pennies or start dropping those hints :)

Chanel Christmas 2011 Accessories Collection

Chanel Christmas 2011 Accessories CollectionSource: Coco’s Tea Party

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October 25, 2011

Assouline Chanel Special Edition with Tweed Chanel Slipcase

Assouline Chanel Books with Tweed Slipcase

In June I posted about a limited-edition set of Chanel books published by Assouline complete with a quilted leather Chanel slipcase.  Assouline is releasing another limited-edition set of Chanel books – in an edition of 30 – but this time the slipcase is a Chanel tweed.  The set with Chanel tweed slipcase will retail for $2,500 each and will be sold at Assouline boutiques and website, in addition to being included in the Neiman Marcus’ Christmas selection.  What a gorgeous addition to a Chanel book collection, no?  At that price though, I think I’d rather have a Boy bag or some jewelry.

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October 17, 2011

Contrastes de Chanel Joaillerie Collection

Chanel Soleil d'Automne Ring

Chanel Fine Jewelry has released a new collection – Contrastes de Chanel – featuring an array of gemstones of different shapes and sizes. The Soleil d’Automne ring pictured above is one example of the stunning pieces in the new collection. Chanel reps stated:

All these juxtapositions bear a palette of emotions and new sensations. These gemstones so dear to Gabrielle Chanel unveil themselves to the light of a new day and are magnified by a surprising play of reflections and nuances. Stunning materials and colors set the tone for a new and audacious collection and together compose a totally new symphony of jewels in softness and power, femininity and spirit.

Coco Chanel was known for her collection of jewels – both real and costume – and the Contrastes de Chanel collection carries on the legacy of her appreciation for precious bijoux. You can get an inside glimpse of the exquisite craftsmanship behind each piece by viewing the video below. For more information on the collection please visit Chanel Fine Jewelry online.

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October 4, 2011

Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection Details

chanel spring summer 2012Earlier today I posted images from the Chanel spring-summer 2012 ready-to-wear collection and the presentation was beautiful.  Though the pieces looked lovely from afar, you really appreciate the intricate workmanship and beauty of the pieces when you see them close up.  It’s also a great way to see what we can expect in the accessories department – the shoes, jewelry and bags.

For spring 2012, the Chanel accessories all evoke the aquatic theme.  Pearls were everywhere – on the apparel, hair, skin and handbags.  Purses came in the shape of conch shells while other bags used the signature quilting and woven leather chain detail but were in the shape of a wrapped parcel.  Heels of shoes were in the shape of coral and conch shells.  Finally, jewelry took its cues from seashells and coral.  Check out the gallery for more detail shots…

Images: Style

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October 2, 2011

Chanel Watchmaking Video – Experience Watchmaking Expertise

I love seeing the white gloved individuals handcrafting Chanel accessories. In the newest video, Chanel shows us how their watches are made – with creativity, daring and expertise.

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September 11, 2011

Chanel Cruise 2011/2012 Accessories

chanel cruise 2011 2012

The Chanel Cruise 2012 accessories are online now and we can see the pieces in detail. Each piece is exquisite and it’s very difficult to choose favorites when they are all so stellar. I especially like the pops of color like the lemon yellow and sky blue. View all of the accessories below…

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August 12, 2011

Dior Stepping on Chanel’s Toes?

Dior Copying Chanel by aleXsandro Palombo
I recently came across this cartoon on Humor Chic by aleXsandro Palombo and he was able to capture in one image some of the sentiments I’ve been feeling for a while. When I saw the quilting of the Dior lady bags I always thought that it was an odd choice of fabrication. Sure, the shape is different but as far as I knew, quilting is not part of Dior’s lexicon – not the way the Chanel quilting is. But, now with this new style of bag they’ve also added a chain strap. Lots of companies are making quilted bags with chain straps these days, but when you look at the ad pictured above (and below) it starts getting a little uncomfortable. It seems like there is too much borrowed from Chanel iconography – the tweed jacket paired with the quilted bag is just too much. If this were a mass market brand it wouldn’t bother me because they’d be offering a look at a lower price. But this is DIOR – another storied couture house. I know Dior is having problems but this is just adding to it.

dior copying chanelIt gets worse. I recently saw an ad for the new Dior watch and my jaw dropped. It looks pretty close to a J12 to me. (Ok, the J12 is a bit close to the Rolex Submariner but at least Chanel did something new with it and made it in ceramic).  What do you think?  Am I being too territorial?  Do you think Dior is borrowing a bit too heavily from Chanel?

dior copying chanel

Image Source: Humor Chic by aleXsandro Palombo

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June 2, 2011

Assouline Chanel Three Book Set, Special Edition with Chanel Slipcase

assouline chanel three book set with chanel slipcase

I love collecting books on Chanel – Mademoiselle was such a fascinating artist and I love all of her creations.  When I found out about the special edition of Chanel books by Assouline, I had to have it.  One problem though – the three book set retails for $550!  Why so much?  Easy – it’s all in the quilting.

Chanel produced a “luxe slipcase … made of genuine black quilted leather and adorned with a metal Chanel logo” exclusively for Assouline.  The slipcase houses three editions celebrating Chanel’s revolutionary style: Chanel Fashion, Chanel Fine Jewelry, and Chanel Perfume.  One of the most visible personalities of her era, Gabrielle Chanel invented a style that was synonymous with modernity and chic and this three book set does her legacy justice.  Written by Francois Baudot and Francoise Aveline, each book is 80 pages with 60 images and the quilted slipcase measures 6.5 x 9.5″.

You can purchase the Chanel three book set and slipcase on the Assouline website.  If it’s beyond your budget, you can get the three books – sans Chanel quilted slipcase – on Amazon for $47.


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May 31, 2011


chanel ring
A Brooklyn woman is suing Chanel for unspecified damages when her finger got stuck in a ring she was trying on at the Chanel store on 57th Street.  Then New York Post states:

Rosy Mizrachi Gindi had to be taken to the emergency room after staff at the store couldn’t slip the ring off her hand.

Gindi spent three or four hours at the hospital, where medical staff managed to get the ring off without cutting it, said her lawyer, Michael David.

The ring was worth “at least $10,000. It could have been a lot more,” said David, who didn’t know the exact price.

I love the U.S. but I hate how litigious it can be.

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