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January 9, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld on Lady Gaga

lady gaga chanel karl lagerfeld sketch

For her V Magazine column in the music issue, Lady Gaga asked three designers she recently had the pleasure of working with recently to submit some notes on working with the musician.  One of the designers, Karl Lagerfeld, stated:

Gaga gives the world her music and her talent, but the thing I like most is that she fights against boredom and banality. She also puts forth an ever changing, inspiring, and strong image — an image beyond fashion. She is an extreme concentrate of “zeitgeist,” freeing us from the heavy boredom of publicly displayed political correctness by being herself more than politically correct. Something in today’s world would be missed if there would be no Lady Gaga because Gaga is a Lady.


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January 5, 2012

Chanel Athletics Spring-Summer 2012 Campaign Shot by Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

It’s still cold outside but our glossies will soon be featuring the best of what’s to come this spring and summer. Chanel just released their Chanel Athletics Spring-Summer 2012 Campaign Shot images.  The campaign features Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls as the best dressed gymnasts ever, was styled by Carine Roitfeld and shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

This is the second Chanel campaign styled by Carine Roitfeld but these shots are not as whimsical as the campaign featuring Freja Beha. The Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 ready-to-wear collection was inspired by the sea, so not surprisingly the sea is prominent in most of the photos. The campaign was shot at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France – the location of the Chanel 2011/2012 Cruise Collection.  The photos are beautiful and represent the simplicity and elegance that is the Chanel brand.

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Chanel Athletics Spring Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

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January 2, 2012

Link List: The Best Chanel News of December 2011

December was a whirlwind and I took a much-needed break to spend time with my family and re-charge my batteries.  While I was relaxing and filling my belly with holiday treats Chanel news had the interweb astir.  Though some of it is a bit old news, I still found it worthy to include – so here goes – my massive Chanel link list for December 2011…

I love Chanel – but I wouldn’t go this far…would you?

will fuck for chanelLeft: Maude & Tilda; Right: Married to the Mob

Candice Swanepoel by Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar Korea December 2011 – TouchPuppet

Candice Swanepoel by Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar Korea December 2011

Chanel meets Star Wars figures – introducing Coco Vader…GoMoneyWays

chanel star wars coco vader

Chanails! Pretty Chanel Spring 2012-inspired manicure – moveSlightly

chanel inspired manicure

What’s your Chanel beauty horoscope for 2012? Chanel Makeup Confidential

chanel beauty horoscope

First look at Chanel’s spring makeup ad campaign – chicology

chanel spring 2012 beauty ad


Best dressed kid of the year is Hudson Kroenig – The Covetuer

hudson kreonig chanel the coveteur

Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars celebrated her birthday with a Chanel-inspired cake – JustJared

ashley benson chanel birthday cake

Chanel has hired Dr. Amy Wechsler to make Chanel skincare more relevant to US consumers – Happi

chanel hires dr amy wechsler

Karl Lagefeld loves the iPad – Digital Luxury

karl lagerfeld ipad

Enter a contest to be Karl Lagerfeld’s assistant when he is Fashion Editor at Metro.


karl lagerfeld for metro

Sandra Bullock and Rooney Mara wore Chanel beauty on the runway at recent premiers…

rooney mara chanel

sandra bullock chanel

Karl-Mania has the internet going nuts – Net-A-Porter

karl lagerfeld net a porter

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January 1, 2012

Karlisms: Best of 2011 By MTV FORA

karl lagerfeld karl who tote bag

You know I love my Karlisms and MTV FORA was nice enough to compile a list of Karl Lagerfeld’s Best Quotes of 2011 – here is the list reprinted from MTV FORA.


“I’m very much down to earth, just not this earth.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“I like chocolate. I don’t eat it, but I like the smell of it. People can drink with their eyes; I can eat with my nose. I would love to have a perfume based on chocolate.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“I have a guest house because I don’t want people in my home.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“She’s an Upper West Side girl with real learning. She’s not just an idiot from nowhere…There are so many third-rate people now who are more famous than people who should be famous, but sometimes people who could or should be famous are very boring, too.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“That’s why I sleep alone. My hair is curly, and that’s why I have my ponytail. I look like a madman, like something out of a horror movie,”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“I’m like a rock singer with one-night stands on the road. I’m here for two days in New York; I leave in the morning early. I come back for Anna Wintour’s party at the Met, then again at the end of May for a prize I get from the Gordon Parks Foundation.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“I don’t do meetings. At Chanel, there are no meetings. At Chanel, we do what we want, whenever we want and it works. And Fendi is the same.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“No, because I’m afraid it won’t grow again. And I’m not very gifted for hairdos. This is the quickest thing in the world. It takes less than five seconds.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“No, I have someone who comes to the house and washes it, puts in the dry shampoo, and takes care if it because I have no time.”

— Karl Lagerfeld


“I’m not mad for thongs.”

— Karl Lagerfeld



“I’m trying to think of the last time I had onions.”

— Karl Lagerfeld

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December 19, 2011

Alice Dellal Is The New Face of the Chanel Boy Bag Collection

alice delal chanel boy bag collection making of the campaignRumors have been swirling online for a week or so and now Chanel has confirmed that Karl Lagerfeld has chosen Alice Dellal to be the face of the Boy Chanel handbag collection.  The designer had a crush on this unique, charismatic young lady, who is both a model and musician, during a photo shoot several months ago. Though at first I thought the collaboration curious, I think it makes sense.  Alice Dellal represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel handbag collection which strives far from conformist notions of femininity.

Ultra-modern, refined and mysterious, Alice Della is the latest in the line of  CHANEL muses, each boasting their own inimitable allure – that je ne sais quoi that Mademoiselle herself perfected.

The advertising campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld will be revealed in March 2012.  I can’t wait to see this.  From what I can see from the preview I already love what Alice Dellal is wearing and she looks more feminine than she normally does.

Image: Courtesy of Chanel

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December 8, 2011

The Original Chanel Paris-Bombay: Vintage Chanel Bombay-Inspired Designs

vintage coco chanel designs paris bombay

Silk Lamé tunic and trouser ensemble; Bib Necklace, Gabrielle Chanel, Spring/Summer 1969. Image from Chanel: Couture and Industry by Amy de la Haye

“In the late Fifties, early Sixties, she designed several Indian-inspired outfits — and that was enough.”
-Karl Lagerfeld, WWD

Karl Lagerfeld’s creativity knows no bounds, but what I love about him as the designer for Chanel is that he utterly respects the foundations that Gabrielle Chanel laid. With each Chanel Métiers D’Art collection he takes us on a trip around the globe to view a visual fusion of Paris and some glamorous destination. But these destinations are not pulled out of his magician’s hat (or fingerless gloves), rather, they are based on clues that Gabrielle Chanel left us long ago.

Having access to the Chanel archives, Karl Lagerfeld knew that Chanel herself was inspired by South Asia and designed clothing and jewelry in the sixties that were Indian-inspired.  Reviewing some of my Chanel books, I was able to cull some examples for you to see.  It’s interesting to see how glitzy previous examples are and how subdued the current Chanel Métiers D’Art Pre-Fall 2012 Paris-Bombay collection is.  It’s also interesting to note that this is not the first time that Karl Lagerfeld has referenced this South Asian inspiration.  The bottom two photos show images of Karl Lagerfeld designs for Chanel from previous collections .

vintage coco chanel designs paris bombay

Evening Suit, Mughal patterned gold lamé and silk brocade, Gabrielle Chanel, 1960. Image from Chanel: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition Catalog

vintage chanel designs paris bombay

Evening Ensemble, Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld, Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 1989-90. Image from Chanel: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition Catalog

vintage chanel designs paris bombay

Evening Suit, Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld, Prêt-à-porter, Autumn/Winter 1996-97. Image from Chanel: The Metropolitan Museum of Art Exhibition Catalog


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December 7, 2011

Karlisms: Chanel Métiers D’Art Pre-Fall 2012 Paris-Bombay Karl Lagerfeld Interview

There’s nothing like hearing Karl Lagerfeld explain his collections – listen for yourself – it’s one Karlism after another.

Video: Chanel

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November 28, 2011

Chanel Links: Thanksgiving 2011 Weekend

I took a much-needed few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving (and my birthday) but that didn’t stop Chanel or Karl Lagerfeld from making the news. Let’s play a little catch-up to see what happened in the Chanel world last week…

karl lagerfeld coco chanel coin
I’m not sure why everyone on the interweb is so surprised that Karl Lagerfeld makes a lot of money considering who he works for and the breadth of his projects – but he does, ok? WWD

karl lagerfeld penKarl Lagerfeld will be donning a new hat - that of editor. In February 2012, “Lagerfeld will guest edit all Metro editions around the world. As part of the project, he will create a series of collectible sketches, illustrations and columns as well as choose the stories for the newspaper and give his notoriously provocative comments on the news of the day.”  Metro

Yoon Seung Ah as Coco Chanel

14 stars were chosen by 15 designers as their ‘muses’, and Chanel picked Yoon Seung Ah in Vogue magazine’s latest pictorial in the December issue. (Not sure which country’s edition of Vogue).  AllKPop

megan hess chanelIllustrator Megan Hess is exhibiting her work at the newly launched The Gallery in Victoria, Australia.  Ragtrader

Chanel J12 AppChanel launched an iPhone App for the J12 and among the features, you can “try one on”.

karl lagerfeld dupont colette

Back in July I posted about the pens and lighters that Karl Lagerfeld designed for S.T. Dupont – you can buy them now on the Colette webshop.

blake lively moma chanel makeup

Blake Lively and Elizabeth Olsen looked gorgeous in Chanel makeup at the Chanel-sponsored MOMA Film Benefit in honor of Pedro Almodovar.  Chanel celebrity makeup artist Angela Levin did Blake Lively’s makeup and Gita Bass did Elizabeth Olsen’s makeup.

Elizabeth Olsen moma chanel makeup

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November 15, 2011

Carine Roitfeld Chanel Couture Fitting

W Magazine released a video featuring Carine Roitfeld as a couture client. In the video she attends a Chanel couture fitting and teasingly tells Karl Lagerfeld that his models are “fat” because she can fit into the samples. It’s a fun video to watch and definitely worth the break from work to watch…

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November 14, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld, Economist?

That Karl Lagerfeld is talented and immensely creative is unquestionable.  But maybe he should leave coming up with solutions for fixing an ailing economy to economists.  His idea to fix the economy? Compulsory shopping.  Believe me, I personally would love this but I’m not sure the people he’s talking about would.  WWD posed the question of how to fix the economy to several designers – here’s Karl Lagerfeld’s answer:

I think they should make a tax so that when you earn a certain amount of money, you have to spend a certain amount on shopping. To buy whatever….And that way, we create tons of jobs. I think it’s a good idea. What I hate is people with a lot of money who don’t spend it. Money is there to be spent, because it creates jobs….Believe me, it’s not a bad idea. You buy whatever it is; food, furniture, design, clothes, cars…whatever creates jobs.

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