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April 5, 2011

Reminder: Rouge Coco Shine Available on Facebook Now

rouge coco shine pop up shop on facebook

Just a reminder that you can get a head start on purchasing Rouge Coco Shine today and tomorrow exclusively on Facebook.  Check out my earlier post on the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Pop Up Shop on Facebook for details!

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March 23, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Directs Rachel Bilson in Magnum Ice Cream Ad

No, this has nothing to do with Chanel – but it was to do with premium ice cream and Karl Lagerfeld so I like it. In celebration of the U.S. launch this April, Magnum – one of the world’s most luxurious ice cream brands – has collaborated with global icon and creative visionary, Karl Lagerfeld, to create, produce and direct a series of three films, starring actress and style-setting starlet, Rachel Bilson.

The sensory-rich, original film series offers Americans a look into the pleasurable lifestyle Magnum ice cream has cultivated around the world for more than 20 years. The three films, “Photo Mood,” “Applause,” and “Art Class,” will premiere at an exclusive event during the Tribeca Film Festival on April 21. Simultaneous to the premiere during Tribeca, the lead film will be released to fans on Magnum’s Facebook page, and the two subsequent films will make their Facebook debut in the weeks to follow.

The shoot took place in Paris this week and I’d like to provide you with a first glance at Karl Lagerfeld’s creative vision. In addition to starring in the short-film series, Rachel Bilson will judge a Magnum-inspired contest with Polyvore, which will launch this Friday, March 25. The winner, whose set best reflects the luxury of the Magnum lifestyle, will attend the premiere of the Karl Lagerfeld-directed film series during the Tribeca Film Festival.

Magnum Ice Cream will be arriving in stores this month and next. It’s sold at grocery stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway and convenience stores (i.e. Walgreens, etc). I took a look at the flavors and they look delicious. I can’t wait to try it!

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November 18, 2010

Karlisms: “Facebook is a flawless object”

Imran Amed, the Founder and Editor in Chief of the Business of Fashion, interviewed Karl Lagerfeld for The Luxury Channel during the International Herald Tribune’s Heritage Luxury Conference.  In the interview Karl Lagerfeld states that “Facebook is a flawless object.”  I’m not sure he knows what Facebook is, but I think Uncle Karl is pretty flawless :)

Source: The Business of Fashion

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June 29, 2010

Buying Into the Chanel Fantasy: Chanel’s Facebook Campaign

It used to be that to find info on Chanel, you could only visit Chanel.com – and the info and images you would find there would be very limited.  With the growing popularity of social media, Chanel has gone from being elusive to being more accessible online.

For its recent Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour launch, Chanel released an interactive media campaign on Facebook.  Chanel fans can learn about the history of Chanel lipstick, see campaign images and behind the scenes videos and allow fans to send virtual Chanel buttons to each other.

For a brand who used to cater to its older (ie, monied) clientele, Chanel is making attempts at reaching a younger audience with campaigns such as the Facebook Rouge Coco virtual buttons.  Why would Chanel change things up so much?

I think Chanel is realizing that Chanel fans start young and need to feel like they can buy into the Chanel fantasy.  Giving prospective customers the tools to interact with the brand online is one way of building brand loyalty amongst a younger customer base.

Facebook is just one of many new tools that Chanel is using to reach customers using technology.  Next, I’ll discuss the growing number of apps, podcasts and media campaigns they are using to get potential shoppers to buy into the Chanel fantasy.

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