La Chanelphile

June 29, 2010

Buying Into the Chanel Fantasy: Chanel’s Facebook Campaign

It used to be that to find info on Chanel, you could only visit Chanel.com – and the info and images you would find there would be very limited.  With the growing popularity of social media, Chanel has gone from being elusive to being more accessible online.

For its recent Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour launch, Chanel released an interactive media campaign on Facebook.  Chanel fans can learn about the history of Chanel lipstick, see campaign images and behind the scenes videos and allow fans to send virtual Chanel buttons to each other.

For a brand who used to cater to its older (ie, monied) clientele, Chanel is making attempts at reaching a younger audience with campaigns such as the Facebook Rouge Coco virtual buttons.  Why would Chanel change things up so much?

I think Chanel is realizing that Chanel fans start young and need to feel like they can buy into the Chanel fantasy.  Giving prospective customers the tools to interact with the brand online is one way of building brand loyalty amongst a younger customer base.

Facebook is just one of many new tools that Chanel is using to reach customers using technology.  Next, I’ll discuss the growing number of apps, podcasts and media campaigns they are using to get potential shoppers to buy into the Chanel fantasy.

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