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March 26, 2009

Chanel No.5 Commercial Sneak Peek

Chanel N.o 5 Commercial Sneak Peak

Chanel N.o 5 Commercial Sneak Peak

Eighty-eight years ago, on 05.05.21, Gabrielle Chanel launched her first fragrance – Chanel No.5. Today, Chanel No.5 is still the world’s best selling fragrance and, according to Chanel, “a product in the Chanel No. 5 portfolio is sold every six seconds.” Because of this legacy, Chanel No.5’s advertising is always the pinnacle of ad campaigns.

It’s been several years since Baz Luhrmann and Nicole Kidman teamed up for the Chanel No. 5 mini film. As we’ve previously reported, Audrey Tautou will be the face of the new Chanel No. 5 campaign – and very fittingly, since she is also cast as Gabrielle Chanel herself in Coco Avant Chanel. Directing Ms. Tatuou is long-time collaborator Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who directed her in her breakthrough film, “Amélie.”  Tautou admitted that she has refused offers to represent other fragrances, she stated, “I needed to have a connection with the product.”

The full-length Chanel No. 5 film (2.25 minutes) releases on the internet on 05.05.09, but it was also produced in 60, 45 and 30 second versions for television.   The “megaproduction” took 3 weeks to film last May, with the help of a crew of 250.  The commercial weaves a tale of “missed encounters between strangers” and takes us to locales including Paris, Istanbul, and Nice.  The commercial is set to the tune of Billie Holliday’s “I’m a Fool to Want You” and ends with the lovers in a tender embrace standing on a Chanel logo mosaic.  Read the full story to see more gorgeous stills from the commercial and see if you can pick up on all the hidden Chanel themes.  I can’t wait to see this commercial.  If it’s anything like the last 2 Chanel commercials (Kidman’s Chanel No.5 and Knightley’s Coco Mademoiselle), then it’s going to be fabulous!

Chanel N.o 5

Chanel N.o 5


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