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June 30, 2011

Purrrrrrrr…Freja Beha Meows for the Camera

chanel fall winter 2011 2012 ad campaignEarlier this month some images of the Fall-Winter 2011/12 ad campaign were leaked onto the net and Karl Lagerfeld claimed that they were stolen.  The big to-do about the images was because of the dream team that created them – styled by Carine Roitfeld, shot by Karl Lagerfeld and starring Karl’s muse Freja Beha.  The official images have just begun to surface online thanks to some scans from Northern Star on The Fashion Spot.

chanel fall winter 2011 2012 ad campaignIn the first image we see Freja as feline with Chanel camellias as ears – so adorable!  In the second image we see Freja with disheveled hair and very plain makeup.  She’s staring squarely into the camera and has French writing on her face:  “Il n’y a pas de mode si elle ne descend pas dans la rue!” The famous line is one of Coco Chanel’s most quoted sayings, which in English is:  “Fashion does not exist unless it goes down into the streets.” I love the simplicity of this photo and how it highlights a Chanel truism in a unique way.  Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld make a great team and I hope that this is not the last we see of this dynamic duo.

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June 29, 2011

It’s A Stick Up!

chanel gun heelsI don’t like guns.  I don’t think anyone should have them.  But what about a Chanel gun?  No, Chanel isn’t making guns but that doesn’t mean other people aren’t taking liberties and interpreting what a Chanel gun would look like.  Of course, Karl Laferfeld gave us a little hint when he let loose Chanel gun heels on the runway in Miami for the Chanel Cruise 2009 Collection.  But of the guns pictured below I can say for certain that 2 of the 3 are not made by Chanel – the third remains a mystery but I’m betting that it’s not authentic.  Either way, they are clever in their own way…

1.  Chanel 001 Cosmetic Gun by Ted Norton -Dutch jewelry designer Ted Norton created a gun that cleverly stows 7 “essential” items a lady may need upon leaving her home:  “[Chanel] lip gloss, antique hairpin, 18 carat gold toothpick, a vile of perfume, a 50 gram 24 carat gold bar, a USB stick and a Viagra pill.”  The gun costs $17,000.  Source.

chanel cosmetic gun

2.  Chanel Gold Pistol

I don’t know anything about this gun other than a friend owns it and she emailed me a photo to ask me if I knew anything about it.  My hunch that it isn’t real but you never know…

chanel gun

3.  Peter Gronquist Sculptures – Artist Peter Gronquist repurposes retired weaponry and blings them out because “The Revolution Will Be Fabulous” (Source)

peter gronquist chanel gun

chanel gun peter gronquist

chanel gun peter gronquist

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June 28, 2011

Peter Philips on Creating Particulière

Chanel Particulière

The Los Angeles Times recently interviewed Peter Philips about creating some of the most popular lipstick and nail polish shades. Sometimes, some of the best colors are unplanned. One of my favorite Le Vernis, Particulière, was a happy accident. Peter Philips explained,

“They were mixing colors in the lab and I said, ‘Stop!,’ ” Philips recalls. “I took a look at the shade and thought, ‘This is kind of particular. It’s not gray and it’s not beige, it’s kind of weird.’ ” He brought the shade to the women he works with and they couldn’t wait to put it on. “I know when I like a color, but that doesn’t mean it makes a good nail polish,” said the Belgian-born Philips, who can be credited with helping to legitimize funky nail polish colors and making them acceptable for all women to wear, no matter their age or occupation.

Once he had the Particuliere color, he needed a collection in which to put it. And he heard that Karl Lagerfeld’s spring 2010 runway show was going to be set in a barn. “In French, the color is taupe, which is a kind of animal, a mole,” explains Philips. “I said, ‘Karl, I got a taupe for your barn.’ “

Read the full article on the Los Angeles Times website.

Image Source

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June 27, 2011

Chanel 2011/12 Autumn-Winter Prestige Eyewear Collection

I am a personal fan of Chanel eyewear. Back in my days as a clothing designer my “signature” glasses were Chanel sunglasses that I had changed to optical glasses. I was going for a Cazal look but in a Chanel way and it worked. Since then, whenever I’m on the market for glasses I always look to Chanel and my current sunglasses that I wear daily are black oversize square frames with quilting on the side.

The Chanel 2011/12 Autumn-Winter Prestige Eyewear collection does not disappoint. Each season a different element of the Chanel iconography is highlighted and featured on the eyewear. In the past, eyewear collections have been inspired by quilting, pearls, camellias, buttons and ears of wheat. For this collection, Chanel is focusing on the interlaced leather chain from the Chanel Classic 2.55 bag. Both the optical and sunglasses feature the interlaced leather chain along the temples. There are several styles available in different shapes like cat’s eye, aviator, square oversize and butterflies. The “old metal” frames come in shades of silver, pale gold and black as well as, for the acetate models, muted new colors like light‐grey, wine, taupe and blue.

The ad campaign features long-time Karl Lagerfeld muse and Chanel model Claudia Schiffer. The campaign is shot in black and white and features Schiffer in the Chanel Prestige Eyewear collection and camellias in her hair.

The campaign is beautifully shot. I love the simplicity of the black and white photographs, Schiffer’s chiseled features and the way the frames look on her. The Chanel 2011/12 Autumn-Winter Prestige Eyewear Collection has something for everyone – graceful, feminine frames and larger, edgier styles recalling biker chic. Whatever your style, there is something for you in this collection. My motto when it comes to glasses (and diamonds) is the bigger, the better, so I prefer the oversize styles. Which are your favorite?

Learn more about the artistry behind creating the collection by watching the latest eyewear video from Chanel:

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June 26, 2011

Chanel, Italian Style

coco chanel italian biography
The husband was in Italy on business and one of the treats he brought back for me (of the non-eating or foot-wearing kind) was a biography of Coco Chanel. Apparently, he thinks my Italian is much better than it is. No problem, it may take me longer to get through but with a dictionary by my side it will be an adventure.

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June 22, 2011

Cameron Diaz in Chanel Spring 2011 RTW at Bad Teacher NY Premier

cameron diaz in chanel at ny bad teacher premierCameron Diaz wore a dress from the Chanel Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection to the NY premier of Bad Teacher.  She opted for pumps instead of boots and her bare legs make the dress look much shorter than the runway version.  She also opted for a black bra under the sheer bodice which I’m not sure I like.  I have to say that I like the runway look a lot more – I love the jacket and chunky necklace.  It’s too hot for the jacket in NYC but a statement necklace and a pair of stiletto booties would have made the look more polished on Cameron.

Images: Style & Just Jared

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June 21, 2011

It Wasn’t Me!

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Blake Lively in Chanel Haute Couture at LA Premiere of Green Lantern

blake lively in chanel haute couture at green lantern premiere

Blake Lively is using her Chanel connections to the fullest getting decked out in Chanel at any opportunity – and who can blame her?!  In her latest red carpet appearance at the LA Green Lantern Premiere, Blake livened up the red carpet in a white Chanel Haute Couture gown.  I went through the Spring 2011 collection and I didn’t see it in the runway picks so it may be couture in the truest sense of the word and made just for her.  The white sheer gown with floral applique looked lovely on Mlle. Lively.  I usually have a pet peeve for sheer bottom dresses but if you have legs like Blake then you can get away with it.

I love that she paired the dress with gold accessories especially the piled on bracelets and the gorgeous camellia in her hair.  Her hair and makeup were really simple and pretty.  The disheveled side braid is a refreshing take on red carpet hair.  I think this one of Blake’s best looks – what do you think?

blake lively in chanel haute couture at green lantern premiere

blake lively in chanel haute couture at green lantern premiere

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Janelle Monae & Karl Lagerfeld In a Bathtub

janelle monae and karl lagerfeld
“We liked each other from the first second on. Not just because of our style, but also the name: Janelle rhymes with Chanel, no?”
- Karl Lagerfeld on Janelle Monae

Source: W Magazine, Photo by Max Vadukul

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June 20, 2011

Lily Allen’s Chanel Wedding Dress

lily allen chanel wedding dress

Aha!  So there was an ounce of truth to the rumors that Karl Lagerfeld was designing a Chanel wedding dress for Lily Allen!  Chanel News recently released an image of a Karl Lagerfeld sketch and a photo of Lily Allen at a fitting.  From the image, you can see the dress is not complete but I can see enough to know that I like it a lot more than the dress she wore for her ceremony designed by Delphine Manivet.

Elle reports that Lily Allen wore the Chanel dress to her wedding reception at her country house.  Perhaps she was inspired by the barn setting of the Spring 2010 collection – the show in which she actually performed?  Only Mrs. Cooper knows.  I’m just glad we got to see a glimpse of the dress. I hope that more images surface online showing the finished product.

Source: Chanel News & Elle

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