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August 22, 2011

Chanel N°19 Poudré – A Classic Reinvented

CHANEL N°19 Poudré

Model: Édita Vilkeviciute; Photographer: Solve Sundsbo; © CHANEL - Solve SUNDSBO

One day, having ordered labels with the name “Coco” on them, she realized that it didn’t work for that fragrance. And so sche called it “N°19″.

Why N°19? Not long before her death, Coco explained why to her friend and confidante, Carmen Tessier.

“It is the day of my birthday, August 19. I was born under the sign of Leo – the lion. And I am just like the lion. I will bring out my claws to protects myself against being hurt. But believe me, it is harder for me to lash out at someone than to have someone lash out at me.”

So what do you think of this fragrance? she asked, while spraying us with more. “Believe it or not but a man once stopped me in the street because of it. As I was leaving the Ritz, I felt someone touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw a stranger. Before I could sharply brush off this intruder, he said, with an American accent:

Excuse me, I’m with two ladies who would like to know what perfume you are wearing.’

I told him: ‘Why don’t you all follow me.’ And I took them to the CHANEL boutique, where – once we arrived – they realised who I was….”

–Mandemoiselle Chanel speaking with Carmen Tessier, Les Anees Chanel by Pierre Galante, 1972, p. 321-322.

On August 19, Chanel unveiled its newest fragrance, Chanel N°19 Poudré, the newest addition to the Chanel N°19 fragrance family.  Early that morning, I was delighted to find a package from Chanel – my very own bottle of Chanel N°19 Poudré Eau de Parfum.  It’s one thing to receive a press kit about a fragrance and write about it based on a description, it’s quite another to actually experience the fragrance yourself.

I immediately opened the bottle and began spritzing.  At first you are hit with a very light crisp scent.  But the experience doesn’t stop there.  There are many layers to Chanel N°19 Poudré.  After the lightness settles, you sense a sensual muskiness at the end.  With these diverse layers, I can easily say that Chanel N°19 Poudré is as complex as the woman behind it.

Because of the duality of the fragrance, lightness and musk, Chanel N°19 Poudré is a fragrance that would work for summer, or winter, or even as a transitional fragrance to wear between seasons.  Since I received my bottle of Chanel N°19 Poudré on Friday, I’ve worn it everyday and I now have a new favorite.  Chanel N°19 Poudré is available for sale online at Chanel.com or at Chanel boutiques.

For more on Chanel N°19 Poudré check out:

Interview with Jacques Polge and information about the fragrance.

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