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October 5, 2011

Karlisms: Karl Can Do Whatever He Wants

Orrefors by Karl Lagerfeld

Architectural Digest interviewed Karl Lagerfeld about his collaboration with Orrefors.  The following is republished from Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest: Home accessories by Lagerfeld?

Karl Lagerfeld: I wanted to design glasses for my houses, something I had never done. Simple as that. I told Orrefors, “I am only interested in this one thing—are you interested?” They were, and here we are.

AD: Chanel was fine with it?

KL: I can do whatever I want. Exclusivité is very démodé.

AD: You even helped design the packaging.

KL: It was a package deal! No, let’s say “total concept.” Orrefors was extremely pleasant to work with. At many companies there are too many little chefs who make things more difficult.

AD: Did you go to Sweden to work on the collection?

KL: I never go anywhere. I do sketches and make phone calls, and people visit. It’s more fun to come to Paris.

AD: Why the limited palette?

KL: I am a black-and-white person. Some grays, some dirty pinks, not flashy pinks. I have never been obsessed with color, I cannot explain why. I wanted to become an illustrator as a child. Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means.

AD: Each glass comes with a matching coaster, which you call a “coupette.”

KL: Glasses ruin the surface of a table. You need a little napkin or a bit of paper, like for beer drinkers. Now we have a glass coaster for the glass. All the pieces are the same size on the bottom, so the coupettes fit everything. I don’t understand why nobody ever thought of it before.

Because Uncle Karl, you are a design genius.

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Show Makeup by Peter Philips

2012 SPRING SUMMER READY TO WEAR SHOW MAKEUP BY PETER PHILIPSAs promised here are the details about the Chanel Beaute products used in the Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear show…

Skin prepared with HYDRA BEAUTY SERUM Hydration Protection Radiance (available April 2012)

The Complexion

VITALUMIERE AQUA Fresh and Hydrating Cream Compact Makeup SPF 15 (available April 2012)
POUDRE UNIVERSELLE LIBRE  Natural Finish Loose Powder
ECLAT LUMIERE Highlighting Face Pen

The Eyes

ILLUSION D’OMBRE Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Fantasme and Emerveillé
STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Long Lasting Eyeliner in Ebène
LE CRAYON KHOL Intense Eye Pencil in Clair
CRAYON SOURCILS Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil
RECOURBE CILS DE CHANEL Precision Eyelash Curler

The Cheeks

EXCLUSIVE CREATION BLUSH HORIZON DE CHANEL Glowing Blush Harmony (available January 2012)

The Lips

ROUGE COCO BAUME Hydrating Conditioning Lip Balm (available January 2012)
LEVRES SCINTILLANTES Glossimer in Plaisir (available March 2012)

The Nails

LE VERNIS Nail Colour in April (available January 2012)
LE VERNIS Nail Colour in May (available January 2012)
LE VERNIS Limited Edition Nail Colour in June (available January 2012)
**The pearly white nail shade was specially created only for the show**


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Chanel Holiday 2011 Les Scintillances de Chanel

Chanel Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection LES SCINTILLANCES DE CHANEL

Coco Chanel herself was said to wear gold eyeshadow and red lipstick.  It seems the Chanel Holiday 2011 Les Scintillances de Chanel collection hearkens back to the original look Mademoiselle herself favored. The collection is full of limited edition items but if you had to take away the overriding theme – red and gold. When you think about it, around the holidays with lots of parties and celebrations, it doesn’t get more festive than red and gold.  And besides, in my opinion red and gold are the best accent colors to Chanel’s signature black and white.

One of the standouts of the collection are the textured pressed powder inspired by a Chanel belt buckle.  The collection also includes loose powders, eyeshadow singles, eyeshadow duos, Rouge Allure lipsticks, Glossimers and of course, Le Vernis. The collection should be available in stores now.

Details of the collection:

A true visionary, Mademoiselle Chanel found inspiration everywhere. Today, the Paris Makeup Studio does similarly — capturing the gilded beauty of Mademoiselle’s treasured belt buckle in LUMIÈRE SCULPTÉE DE CHANEL Highlighting Powder, an illuminating powder that gently highlights the skin with a sheer blend of tender pink and pearlescence. Shades of ivory and pink dusted with tone-on-tone mother-of-pearls make this palette the height of glamour and sophistication. $72.00 Limited Edition

Colour lips classic for the holidays with ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Satin Lip Colour in two new shade offerings. Timeless reds offer instant elegance and drama, while hues of pink create a feminine and festive effect.
$32.00 Limited Edition

This holiday season, nails are take-notice in festive red or iconic black. $25.00 Limited Edition

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October 4, 2011

Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Runway Show Videos

Now we get to see what all the fancy people saw…. Enjoy!

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Celebrity Sightings at the Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Show

Jen Brill and Leigh Lezark at ChanelThe front row at a Chanel show is always a who’s who of It Girls, celebrities and royalty.  Yesterday, all the pretty ladies put on their Chanel finest and came to see Uncle Karl’s latest presentation.  Les Fidèles de Chanel – Jen Brill, Poppy Delevingne, Caroline Sieber, Leigh Lezark and Vanessa Traina – were all present.  Also spotted were Chanel regulars Alexa Chung, Clémence Poésy, Carine Roitfeld and Uma Thurman. Check out some of the Chanel lovelies in the gallery below…

Images: Style

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection Details

chanel spring summer 2012Earlier today I posted images from the Chanel spring-summer 2012 ready-to-wear collection and the presentation was beautiful.  Though the pieces looked lovely from afar, you really appreciate the intricate workmanship and beauty of the pieces when you see them close up.  It’s also a great way to see what we can expect in the accessories department – the shoes, jewelry and bags.

For spring 2012, the Chanel accessories all evoke the aquatic theme.  Pearls were everywhere – on the apparel, hair, skin and handbags.  Purses came in the shape of conch shells while other bags used the signature quilting and woven leather chain detail but were in the shape of a wrapped parcel.  Heels of shoes were in the shape of coral and conch shells.  Finally, jewelry took its cues from seashells and coral.  Check out the gallery for more detail shots…

Images: Style

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Runway Beauty

Chanel Spring Summer 2012 BeautyPearls of beauty – that’s how I would sum up the hair and beauty at the Chanel spring-summer 2012 ready-to-wear presentation.  Pearls were on the apparel and on the skin as well – where you would normally see beauty marks, facial jewelry and even the models’ spines instead had delicate pearls.  Makeup was kept pretty simple – eyeshadow reminiscent  of mother of pearl with black eyeliner paired with natural blush and lips.

I especially loved the hair – wet hair was the perfect finishing touch to an underwater-themed collection.  The wet hair was twisted into low side buns at the nape of the models’ necks and pearls floated in the models’ hair.

Last but not least we have the nail color!  From what I could see from the runway images I saw 2 colors: white and coral.  I don’t know if it’s an existing white color like Pearl Drop or a new one.  It would be lovely to see a white iridescent shade that’s like mother of pearl.  I’ll fill you in on details as soon as I receive the information from Chanel.  For now enjoy these photos…

All Images: Style

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear Collection“I love the sea — it’s very mysterious, and fish scales seem so modern; there was everything but mermaids!”
-Karl Lagerfeld (NYTimes)

I’m not sure where Karl Lagerfeld got his inspiration for his aquatic inspired collection – could it have been all the time Coco Chanel spent on the Flying Cloud with the Duke of Westminster?  Wherever inspiration may have struck, Karl is always able to take the seedlings of the idea and make them flourish into Chanel elegance.

For the Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection the Grand Palais was transformed into a whitewashed underwater scape with oversize algae, sand dollars, sea horses, fish, seashells and whales.  One particular shell opened and Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine appeared singing her siren song, “What the Water Gave Me” to accompany the models walking down the runway.  A male model (not Baptiste Giabiconi) stood at her side in a men’s bathing romper as her protector.

The models all appeared through a structure filled with what looked like sea foam – each one a modern day Botticelli Venus emerging from the sea in etheral Chanel.  The color palette was very light and neutral with some hints of the blue-green of the sea, light coral, sand and very little black.  Since it was an aquatic theme, the ubiquitous leather woven chains and cuffs were replaced with another Chanel signature – pearls.

Pearls were everywhere on the apparel (on the beauty as well – you’ll see in a separate upcoming post) – all buttons and belts were pearls.  The looks were a departure from the oversize looks and skirts-over-pants that we’ve seen from the past few Chanel collections.  Jackets were cropped with 3/4 sleeves, dresses were short and form-fitting.  Aquatic references included netting sewn into the clothing giving us a new “sheer”, iridescent fabric and beading that looked like glimmering waters or mother-of-pearl and origami folds of sheer fabric that were reminscent of fish gills.  All of this was juxtaposed with black geometric lines on some of the looks. The accessories all got the aquatic treatment with bags shaped as conches and covered with pearls and shoes with shoes with conch-shaped heels.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the details of the collection, beauty, scene and front row.

Images: Style

**Update – I thought from the photo it was Baptiste Giabiconi standing near Florence Welch but it was not.

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Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear: Making of the Press Kit

chanel spring summer 2012 making of the press kit

Chanel posted behind the scenes images of the creation process of the press kit.  As always, Peter Philips did the beauty and Karl Lagerfeld shot the photos.  I’m going to have to rely on my Chanelphile readers to let me know who the model is as I don’t keep up on model news.  I LOVE the beauty from this collection.  Pearls down the spine?  So delicate and elegant.  More to come soon – hope this will sate your appetite – for now!

All Photos: Chanel, Olivier Saillant

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Under The Sea – Chanel Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-Wear

chanel spring summer 2012 ready to wear

So my suspicions were confirmed – the Chanel invite did give us a clue to the theme of the spring-summer 2012 ready-to-wear collection.  The Grand Palais was transformed into an under water paradise complete with oversize sea shells and coral.  A certain red-headed chanteuse – I think Florence and the Machine  but waiting for confirmation – even appeared in a shell and sang during the runway presentation.  I’m doing more research into the show and getting images together but here’s a little teaser.

chanel spring summer 2012 ready to wear

All Photos: Chanel, Olivier Saillant

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