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January 16, 2012

Luck Be A Lady: Chanel Introduces Las Vegas de Chanel

Las Vegas de ChanelAnyone who has been to Las Vegas will tell you that town is not low on glitz or luxury. Between the neon lights and desert sand, the town is always painted in gold. The Bellagio Hotel is renovating the Chanel boutique in its Galleria and to commemorate this event, Peter Philips has created “gold-plated collection and strews stardust over polyester dreams.”

Las Vegas de Chanel includes four items: Lucky Stripes, a compact with four shades of sand and bronze to be worn on eyes, face or cheekbones; Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliant, a sheer golden lip shade; Le Crayon Lèvres Vegas Gold, a gold lip pencil; and it wouldn’t be a collection without a covetable Le Vernis in Gold Fingers.

The remodel should be completed by the end of this month.  I’ll actually be staying at The Bellagio mid-February when I go to some trades hows in Las Vegas and I will definitely check out the new space. And I hope to get my fingers on Gold Fingers!

Las Vegas de Chanel Lucky Stripes

Las Vegas de Chanel Le Vernis Gold Fingers

Las Vegas de Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Brilliant

Las Vegas de Chanel Le Crayon Levres Vegas Gold

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Karl Lagerfeld Interview & Sneak Peek of Chanel Boy Bag Campaign

I mentioned back in December that Karl Lagerfeld was at LeWeb Paris and that he loved his iPad and I later showed an animation of a sketch that he did of Steve Jobs on his iPad.  Today, I came across the actual full interview and it is FULL of Karlisms.  You hear Karl explain first hand about his four iPhones and hundreds of iPods and hear about technology is changing the way he works.  You’ll also catch a glimpse of a video he filmed of Alice Dellal for the upcoming Boy Bag campaign.  The video looks cute and is one of four – can’t wait to see this campaign!

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Chanel at the 2012 Golden Globes and Art of Elysium Heaven Gala

Julianne Moore Chanel Couture Golden Globe Awards
It’s award show season and it wouldn’t be a true red carpet without Chanel! Last night was the 2012 Golden Globe Awards and Julianne Moore looked lovely in black Chanel couture. The gown that Stella Tenant wore in the Chanel Couture Fall 2012 was one of my favorites and thought it looks lovely on Julianne Moore, I miss the shoulder ruffles.

At the Art of Elysium Gala January Jones and Rachel Bilson wore Chanel cocktail dresses. Rachel Bilson shined in Chanel Spring 2012 RTW and January Jones wore Chanel Resort 2011/12 collection.

Rachel Bilson Chanel Art of Elysium Gala

January Jones Chanel 2012 Art of Elysium Gala

Runway Images: Style.com
Red Carpet Images: JustJared.com

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January 13, 2012

Madonna Likes Chanel Gloves

madonna chanel gloves

Madonna has made two recent public appearances wearing Chanel fingerless gloves. I’m a huge fan of the gloves myself but no one wears them quite like Uncle Karl. Some people are speculating that she’s wearing the gloves to hide her hands since hands don’t lie as far as age is concerned. Hiding or not, I think Madonna looks great at any age. Keep wearing your Chanel gloves!

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January 12, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld Sketching Steve Jobs on the iPad

We know Karl Lagerfeld can sketch and we know he loves the iPad – but when will you ever get to see him sketch on an iPad?  Check out the video below that was recorded of Karl Lagerfeld sketching Steve Jobs on the iPad.  Pretty impressive!

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Karl Bob, Coco Bob and My Little Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Mania has reached new heights as pop cultural icons Sponge Bob and My Little Pony take on the Karl Lagerfeld persona!

Dutch illustrator Mike Frederiqo gave Sponge Bob a fashionable makeover as Unkle Karl…

karl lagerfeld sponge bob by Mike Frederiqo

and of course Mademoiselle Coco Chanel as Sponge Bob…

coco chanel sponge bob mike frederiqo

Mari Kasurinen took a My Little Pony and made transformed it from playful to fierce as My Little Karl Lagerfeld.  We should all have one of these around, no?

karl lagerfeld my little pony


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January 11, 2012

Chanel Paris-Bombay Inspiration: Bombay, The Maharajas Palace, Lady Curzon, Jewels and The Bombay Express

One of my favorite parts of writing this blog is researching the inspiration for each of the collections. Karl Lagerfeld is an intelligent, well-read man and together with his access to the Chanel archives, it’s guaranteed that all Chanel collections designed by him have a back story. As noted before, Karl picked up on the fact that Chanel had designed some pieces in the 60s that were inspired by India. Let’s look a little deeper at aspects of the collection – and where their inspirations lie.

Bombay v. Mumbai

chanel paris bombay not mumbai
Bombay was renamed in the 90s to Mumbai – as part of a wave of city re-naming that started when India gained its independence at the end of the British Imperial period. However, naming the collection Paris-Bombay rather than Paris-Mumbai was entirely intentional. Rather than conjuring up images of Bollywood, Karl Lagerfeld was using a different time period all together for his collection. A time when Maharajas ruled in opulent palaces and where a bit of British influence held sway.

The Maharajas Palace
palace maharaja of indore chanel
One of Karl Lagerfeld’s references for the Chanel Paris-Bombay collection is the Manik Bagh Palace/Jewel Gardens designed by Eckart Muthesius in 1930 for the Maharaja of Indore. The palace is the epitome of two styles coming together – Muthesius’ modernist building and furniture (including pieces by Le Corbusier) mixed with traditional Indian pieces, in the tropical climate of India – a true example of East meets West. (Source)

Lady Curzon, Vice-Queen of India

chanel paris bombay lady curzon

Painting on Right: William Logsdail, “Mary Victoria Leiter, Marchioness Curzon in her Peacock Gown” (1909), photography by John Hammond © Bridgeman Art Library, Paris 2011

Who better to inspire a Chanel collection than one of the best-dressed women of her time?  Lady Curzon, wife of the Viceroy of India.  Lady Curzon was said to have exquisite taste and caused a stir with her elaborate peacock-inspired gown pictured (and painted) above.  She promoted the skill and craftsmanship of Indian artisans, incorporated Indian fabrics in her clothing and made their use popular in other parts of India, as well as Europe.  She even assisted weavers and embroiderers in developing patterns that were better suited to current fashion styles and trends.  (Source)

chanel paris bombay lady curzon

Traditional Indian Jewels
chanel paris bombay traditional indian jewelry

India’s history of jewelry making is long and rich – one of the longest dating back thousands of years.  “Mughal reign was the most significant period of time in relation to jewellery. A lot of jewellery prospered from sixteenth to the nineteenth century.”   Gold and silver are considered sacred metals in India culture – gold representing the warmth of the sun and silver evoking the coolness of the moon.  Indian royalty including Maharajas had an important relationship to jewelry and because of their position they had much jewelry and were able to wear it in places that others were not allowed (ie, the feet). (Source)

The Chanel show paid homage to this jewelry tradition with a gorgeous collection of costume jewelry – all directly inspired by traditional Indian jewelry. The tikkas (forehead jewelry), bracelets, bib necklaces, cascading necklaces and chains connecting two items of jewelry together (ear to forehead, wrist to hand) are all emblematic of traditional Indian jewelry and Karl Lagerfeld gave these pieces a Chanel twist.

India’s Rail Lines

bombay express train chanel

Top: Painting of original Bombay Express train

India’s first rail line was built in the mid-nineteenth century and since then travel by train has been a mainstay of Indian culture. India’s rail lines even inspired literature as was the case with Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. This detail of Indian history was evident by the silver train circling the main table at the Chanel Paris-Bombay show.


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Chanel Paris-Bombay Metiers D’Art Show – Making the Press Kit

chanel paris bombayI’ve had this post saved in my drafts (as well as a few more Chanel Paris-Bombay posts) from well before the holidays but I never got around to posting. Here you can see some gorgeous images of the making of the Paris-Bombay press kit.

Photos © Olivier Saillant

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January 10, 2012

Day of Silence in Honor of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Coco Chanel by Cecil Beaton 1961

Coco Chanel photographed by Cecil Beaton, 1961

Forty-one years ago today, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel passed away in her suite at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. In her honor, La Chanelphile will be silent today. We miss you Coco but your legacy lives on.


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January 9, 2012

The Coveteur Visits Coco Chanel’s Apartment

The Coveteur Visits Coco Chanel ApartmentThe Coveteur has made a name for itself visiting the apartments of the very fashionable and showcasing covet-able clothing and accessories in interesting settings.  On a recent trip to Paris,  The Coveteur visited the Holy Grail of fashion apartments – 31 Rue Cambon – Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s apartment.  I‘ve seen (and posted) image of Mademoiselle’s apartment before but The Coveteur has a way of capturing the details and bringing them to the surface.  Refinery 29 shared a few preview images…

The Coveteur Visits Coco Chanel Apartment

The Coveteur Visits Coco Chanel Apartment

The Coveteur Visits Coco Chanel Apartment

The Coveteur Visits Coco Chanel Apartment

Update 1.9.12 – the complete post is up and you can see all of the lovely images of Coco Chanel’s Apartment at 31 Rue Cambon on The Coveteur.

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