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January 18, 2012

Chanel Links: 01.18.12

Chanel is big in Japan – and they know it. On March 21-23 Chanel will host three events: a presentation of the winter couture show, the opening a pop-up shop, and opening an exhibition devoted to Chanel’s iconic tweed jackets to showing images from Karl Lagefeld’s book “The Little Black Jacket,” and styled by Carine Roitfeld. WWD

chanel japan

The Manhattan Vintage show is February 3 & 4 in NYC – get your tickets to buy some great vintage Chanel. Manhattan Vintage
manhattan vintage show

More for the new sport collection from Chanel including a Cane and Tennis Racket Set.  Hypebeast

chanel cane tennis racket and tennis ball


Chanel introduces the Premiere Flying Tourbillon – commence drooling now.  Rare Delights

chanel premiere flying tourbillon




The Coveteur visits Massaro – the atelier responsible for making Chanel shoes and creating the iconic two-tone pump.  The Coveteur

massaro chanel the coveteur

I want this for my car.  Twitter

chanel tire cover

Meet Karl Lagerfeld’s kitten Choupette…Stylite

choupette karl lagerfeld kitten

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December 16, 2011

Sneak Peek: Chanel Spring Summer 2012

Chanel Spring Summer 2012 neon sneaker

What happens when you combine neon with Chanel?  You get the Spring Summer 2012 collection.  These pieces were not on the runway but a Spanish blogger was invited to a press preview in Madrid and posted some great pics of pieces from the 2102 Chanel spring summer collection.

I love the sneakers – especially the high tops – and did you see the tennis balls?  So cute, but too cute to actually play with.  We also get glimpses of new bags, shoes and neon jackets.  It all looks very summery and fun – can’t wait to see it in stores!

Image Source: Neo2

Photos By: Mar Pulido + Ignazio Arizmendi

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December 1, 2011

Dry Off With Chanel

chanel towel

This is not the first Chanel towel set, and certainly not the last.  So long as there are cruise collections, jet setters will need equally chic towels with matching totes.  This is one towel that I would definitely NOT leave pool-side or on the beach though.  I would much rather prefer to see it hanging in my bathroom.  How luxurious would it be to dry off with a Chanel towel after your shower…after washing with Chanel No.5 bath gel of course!

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May 20, 2011

Real Chanel Tattoos – A Permanent Impression

Last year Chanel started yet another fad – the temporary tattoo.  Sure temporary tattoos have been around a long time but Chanel made them chic.  Some people have taken their love for the brand a step further and made their marks permanent – with real Chanel tattoos.

I don’t hate or love these – rather, I feel the same way about these tattoos as I do all other tattoos. I think they’re cool for now but will you want to be rockin’ a tattoo at 70 with your grandchildren on your lap?  I don’t – sagging, wrinkly tattoos are not a good look!  And besides, I don’t think Coco Chanel would like them – so any true Chanelphile would probably not get any permanent ink.

What do you think? Do you have a Chanel tattoo? Would you get one?

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February 16, 2011

Chanel Links: 02.16.11

chanel links
I just got back from NY for Fashion Week and it was a whirlwind trip and I’m still trying to catch up on posts. In the mean time here’s some of the best Chanel-related news from around the web…

  • Vanessa Paradis will be wearing custom Chanel designed by Karl Lagerfeld for her acoustic set at New York’s The Town Hall venue.  He shot Paradis last year at Versailles for a Vanessa Paradis DVD collector’s set.  WWD.

  • Safe sex is always in style – especially when you “keep it classy” in Chanel (fake) condoms.  Refinery 29.
  • To sell or not to sell?  That’s the question Karl seems to have been asking himself this past week about his NYC Gramercy Park apartment.  Apparently, he’s decided not to sell… WWD.
  • Lauren Conrad celebrated her 25th Birthday in Las Vegas complete with a Chanel bag birthday cake!  PopSugar

  • Chanel’s new mirror sunglasses make it easy to check your lipstick… BlackBook

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September 9, 2010

Chanel iPad Case

Harper’s Bazaar just released an article on designer iPad cases and the star of the pack is, of course, the Chanel iPad case.  Featuring the House’s signature quilted pattern, the black leather case retails for a cool $1,555.  So, if you’ve got money to spend, you can purchase a case that costs three times as much as what you’ll put in it!

Image: Harper’s Bazaar, Kevin Sweeney/Studio D

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February 21, 2009

Chanel Segway x2

Picture me rollin’…

Karl Lagerfeld has designed this special edition Segway called The Chanel Segway x2. It’s all black and features quilted leather fenders and handles. The Segway also features a Chanel quilted leather pouch attached to the front handlebars…and check out those tires! No word on how many were made or the price but I’m pretty sure it’s out of a mall cop’s price range. ;)

Via Notcot

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December 10, 2008

Chanel – My New Guitar Hero

There’s so much going around in the “Rock Band” and “Guitar Hero” turf wars but Chanel’s guitar is no match for those reindeer games.  For Spring 2009, Chanel is releasing a black matte acoustic guitar shown on the runway with a flamenco-inspired, tiered, ruffle dress.  The guitar would not be compelte without a case – a white leather quilted case, that is.  And can we talk about the fingerless gloves the model holding the guitar case is wearing.  I want a close up, knowing Karl, those are not plain back buttons  . . . small camelias perhaps??  Whatever it is, this guitar makes me want to learn how to strum some chords.  Check out the gloves and the case after the jump.

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January 6, 2008

M.I.S.S. January 2009: “Chanails”

M.I.S.S. January 2009: “Chanails”
M.I.S.S. January 2009: “Chanails”

“Partner let me upgrade you,” yeah Beyonce said it best. 2009 ladies, it’s all about the UPGRADE! Whatever it may be: your job, your bank account, your kit, your man . . . you’re worth the best, so think big, go hard and trade-up! To inspire you on your journey for success we are starting the year on top . . . and what brand wouldn’t be more goal worthy than Chanel? Yeah, we thought you might agree. Presenting M.I.S.S. January 2009, lovingly nicknamed, “Chanails,” we bring you a mani inspired by all things Chanel: interlocking CC’s, the cap-toe, tweed, chain-link, quilting . . . luxluxlux!!!

Your mantra for the new year: “Two Thousand and MINE!” We here at M.I.S.S. wish you a year of love, health, wealth and the real deal . . . no Canal Street specials here ya’ll! This is the Fo’ Real not the Faux Real and yes those boxes are full.

You can download the M.I.S.S. January 2009 Calendar here and the Desktop here.

Three finger pearl ring by Chanel (2001), Chanel Sneakers (year unknown), Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colours: Black Satin, Gold Fiction and Blanc Ceramic.

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November 11, 2006

Chanel Kubricks SF

Window shopping on Maiden Lane.  I’ll take that one!!

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