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June 18, 2008

Coco Avant Chanel – Coco Chanel Film Update

audrey tautou

Last year we told you that a film based on the life of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was in the works with Audrey Tautou cast as the fashion icon.  The mysterious film set for release next year has a name:  Coco Avant Chanel, which translates roughly to Coco Before Chanel, is the back story to Chanel’s life before she became an internationally recognized designer.  British Vogue spoke to Tautou recently about her role and she stated:

I’m very happy with the script because it is about her youth and the elements which tell us what she would become and why her style is what it is today. . . . It gave me the freedom to be between the image of what people think about her [Chanel] but also her before her success.

I can’t say enough how I think Audrey Tautou is the perfect actress for this role.  This film can’t come out soon enough!

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September 24, 2007

Largerfeld Confidential


Wasn’t there suppose to be a Anna Wintour documentary hitting cinemas to coincide with the release of Vogue’s infamous/over-sized September issue? Oh well, we’ll take Unkle Karl over any crazy fashion editrix anyday(although, I would like to know why she needs so many Hermes scarves).

Last Thursday night at a secret venue in Soho, a few members from the press were treated to the first glimpse of the Lagrfeld-Confidential docu-film. Directed by Rodolphe Marconi, it provides a glimpse in to the life of one of the most influential designers of the 21st century. Marconi was allowed into the life of Lagerfeld for two years and was given access to a number of important events. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the creative director of Chanel and many rumors circulating regarding his past(so scandalous). This film sheds light on many of these issues and reveals a very different side to Lagerfeld than the one portrayed in the press.

Laregerfeld-Confidential hits theaters October 26, but if you’re dying to see Karl’s bowl of silver rings you can get a sneak peak here.


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May 23, 2007

EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT: Audrey Tautou to play Coco Chanel

Who better to play legendary fashion designer Gabrielle Coco Chanel than the stylish and beautiful Parisian actress Audrey Tautou. The film is yet to be named and will begin shooting early next year. According to Variety, “The film which will focus on Chanel’s childhood and early womanhood, was especially conceived with Tautou in mind.”

Finally, a film about the woman who revoluntionized the fashion industry and who’s elegance women all over the world attempt to emulate!

For more info about the movie check out the article on Variety.co

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