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March 1, 2012

Darcel Karl Lagerfeld & Coco Chanel for Colette’s 15th Anniversary

darcel coco chanel colette

Craig Redman, an artist known for his Darcel character, has given Darcel a fashion makeover to celebrate French boutique Colette’s 15th Anniversary.  Included among his 150 illustrations are Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.  If you are in Paris stop by the boutique to see all of the illustrations.  If you can’t see the exhibit yourself you can purchase a print online at Colette.fr.

darcel karl lagerfeld colette

150/15 from Darcel Disappoints on Vimeo.

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September 18, 2011

I’m So Jaloux!

chanel closet
I don’t normally watch Million Dollar Rooms but I heard about a $5million Chanel-inspired closet and I had to see it. This closet is 2 stories, has a replica curved staircase (without mirrors but the railing was copied from 31 rue Cambon), faux Chanel logo black and white $10,000 rug, 18K gold door knobs and 18K $30,000 chandelier from Florence, Italy. Then of course, there are all the Chanel bags, shoes and clothing that this woman owns. I’m so jealous – not in a rage way – but in an “I want your closet” way!

Here’s the whole show – I couldn’t find an embeddable clip for just the closet – but believe me, it’s worth watching!

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June 29, 2011

It’s A Stick Up!

chanel gun heelsI don’t like guns.  I don’t think anyone should have them.  But what about a Chanel gun?  No, Chanel isn’t making guns but that doesn’t mean other people aren’t taking liberties and interpreting what a Chanel gun would look like.  Of course, Karl Laferfeld gave us a little hint when he let loose Chanel gun heels on the runway in Miami for the Chanel Cruise 2009 Collection.  But of the guns pictured below I can say for certain that 2 of the 3 are not made by Chanel – the third remains a mystery but I’m betting that it’s not authentic.  Either way, they are clever in their own way…

1.  Chanel 001 Cosmetic Gun by Ted Norton -Dutch jewelry designer Ted Norton created a gun that cleverly stows 7 “essential” items a lady may need upon leaving her home:  “[Chanel] lip gloss, antique hairpin, 18 carat gold toothpick, a vile of perfume, a 50 gram 24 carat gold bar, a USB stick and a Viagra pill.”  The gun costs $17,000.  Source.

chanel cosmetic gun

2.  Chanel Gold Pistol

I don’t know anything about this gun other than a friend owns it and she emailed me a photo to ask me if I knew anything about it.  My hunch that it isn’t real but you never know…

chanel gun

3.  Peter Gronquist Sculptures – Artist Peter Gronquist repurposes retired weaponry and blings them out because “The Revolution Will Be Fabulous” (Source)

peter gronquist chanel gun

chanel gun peter gronquist

chanel gun peter gronquist

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